Project Description

पायोरिया,मसूड़ों का दर्द
तथा दाँतों की सभी
तकलीफों में मसाज करें ।

(1)   Product Name :- Achyutaya Dant Suraksha Tel
(2)        Quantity :- 30 ml.
(3)        Direction For Use :- Gently  massage over gums once or twice a day. OR as directed by physician.
(4)        Benefits :- Daily massage with dant suraksha tel keeps gums healthy, prevents & cures pyorrhea, bleeding gums, gingivitis and other gum & dental problems.
(5)        Main ingredients :- Cinnamomum camphora(kapoor),Syzygium aromaticum(long tel), Trachyspermum ammi(Ajvayan) etc.