Pink eye (conjunctivitis): 41 Home Remedies, Causes & Tips

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       Eye redness, sensation of something in eyes and pain in the eyes are the main symptoms of Pink eye (conjunctivitis). A person feels pain when he opens eyes. Eyes cannot bear excessive light and pressure. Water and purulent matter substance come through the eyes when this disease reaches in its prime stage. Eyelids stick to each other at night due to excessive purulent matter.


       Mostly, children become the victim of eye diseases because they play for a long time in sun without worry. They care nothing so dirt particles fall into eyes because of which they suffer from eyes pain and swelling. Air pollution is very harmful for the eyes. Poisonous smoke of vehicles becomes the cause of eye diseases. 


       It is an infectious disease, which spreads one child to another easily. This disease can take a person in its grasp if he uses a patient’s towel or hanky. Eyes swell and become red. A purulent matter comes at the edges of eyelids. A child feels excessive pain and burning sensation in sunlight. When a child gets up in the morning, his eyes do not open because of purulent matter and they stick. Child does not sleep at night because of swelling. Child feels that there is a particle in eyes. He suffers from headache and feels darkness before eyes.

Home Remedies for Pink eye (conjunctivitis):

1. Honey:

  • Mix 1 gram salt with honey and apply in the eyes twice a day. Its use provides relief.
  • Grind Chandroday varti and apply in the eyes mixing with honey. This formula cures all the eye diseases.
  • Grind sona makkhi and mix with honey. Apply it in the eyes twice a day, it provides a lot of relief in conjunctivitis.

2. Nutmeg: Grind nutmeg with milk and apply this paste in the eyes twice a day to get relief.

3. Turmeric

  • Boil 10 grams turmeric in 200 ml water. Drip this filtered water into the eyes. Its use reduces eye pain, redness, purulent matter and other eye diseases. Color a cloth in this yellow decoction and use this cloth to clean the eyes.
  • Cook turmeric with pigeon pea and dry in shadow. Abrade it with water and apply in the eyes twice a day before the sun set. Its use cures white corneal opacity and eye redness.

4. Liquorice root :

  • Immerse liquorice root in water. After two hours dip cotton piece in this water and apply on the eyelids to get relief in eyes pain and inflammation.
  • Toast liquorice root, extract of Indian Berberin and alum to prepare a paste. Eye redness and eyelids swelling are cured by applying this paste.

5. Coriander: Filter well to the decoction of coriander. Drip its drops into the eyes after every three hour continuously. One drop of caster oil should be dropped into the eyes before dripping this decoction. It is the most effective and useful remedy for the treatment of conjunctivitis and eyes pain.

6. Prickly poppy:

  • Apply prickly poppy milk in the eyes mixing with cow ghee in the stage of conjunctivitis. We do not find Prickly poppy milk forever so its milk should be collected when we obtain it and fill into a bottle after drying. Apply it mixing with ghee in need. It is an effective remedy for the treatment of conjunctivitis.
  • Squeeze prickly poppy milk and apply in the eyes with eyeliner. Its use ends the eye redness.

7. Gold thread: Apply ground gold thread on the eyelids; it is very useful for the treatment of the eye diseases as conjunctivitis and other eyes diseases.

8. Holostemma rheedianum: Application holostemma rheedianum’s root paste provides a lot of relief in conjunctivitis. 

9. Coleus Aromaticus:

  • Application of coleus Aromaticus juice reduces conjunctivitis pain.
  • Mix ground coleus Aromaticus (silfada) with honey. It provides a lot of relief.

10. Extract of Indian Berberin:

  • Dissolve extract of Indian Berberin into water and apply it on the eyelids. Its use cures old conjunctivitis. Opium, rock salt and alum can also be mixed in this mixture.
  • Apply ground extract of Indian Berberin on the eyelids. It is good remedy for the eyes.

11. Bangal quince (Bael): Give 7 ml bael leaves juice to the patient of conjunctivitis to drink twice a day and apply its leaves paste on the eyelids. Both methods provide relief.

12. Borax: Dissolve borax and alum into water and wash eyes with this water. This water can be used as eye drops. Its use is very useful.

13. Goat milk:  Grind Cyperus scariousus’fruit with goat milk after cleansing and apply in the eyes if there is redness in the eyes. Its use provides relief.       

14. Cassia Absus: Fill cassia Absus seeds in kneaded flour and put this flour in hot ash. Prepare a powder of these seeds after peeling. Conjunctivitis is cured by applying 60 mg this powder in the eyes and there is no purulent matter in the eyes after its use.

15. Coral tree:

  • Grind coral tree bark and apply this powder on the eyelids. Its use provides a lot of relief.
  • Apply ghee inside the coral tree peel and burn an earthen lamp filled with ghee. Its ash should be used as collyrium. Its use cures many eyes diseases. This collyrium can be used for healthy eyes.

16. Goats Sallow:  Conjunctivitis is cured to some extent by putting a cloth immersed in goats’ sallow flower juice on the eyelids.

17. Haridra:  Mix Haridra with aloe Barbadensis juice and apply on the eyelids. It is useful.

18. Hogweed root: Grind hogweed root with honey and apply it in the eyes twice or thrice a day regularly. Its use provides relief in conjunctivitis.

19. Indian sesparilla: Drip Indian sesparilla milk in the eyes, it use provide relief in conjunctivitis.

20. Rose water:

  • Eyes inflammation and other eye problems end by dripping rose water into the eyes.
  • Pricking pain and many eye diseases are cured by dripping rose water into the eyes.

21. Jasmine: Grind jasmine flower in Anthocephalus Cadamba juice and apply this paste on patient’s eyelids.

22. Sesbenia Grandiflora: Drip Sesbenia Grandiflora flowers and leaves juice in patient’s nostrils. Its use provides relief in conjunctivitis.

23. Plum: Grind plum stone and filter with hot water. Drip this preparation into the eyes, it proves very beneficial for the treatment of conjunctivitis and eyes pain.

24. Strychonos Potatirym seeds: Grind seeds of Strychonos Potatirym with water and apply in the eyes. Its use ends eye redness and conjunctivitis.

25. Euonymus: Take 20-40 ml euonymus bark’s decoction twice a day, it is useful for the treatment of several eye diseases.

26. Acacia Arabica: Prepare tablets by grinding acacia Arabica leaves and put on the eyes at night. Remove it in the morning. Its use ends eye redness, pain and other eye diseases.

27. Butter: Take 1\4 gram swarn basant malti with butter and sugar candy twice a day. Its use ends conjunctivitis, purulent matter of eyes and weak eyesight.

28. Boric acid powder: Mix water in boric acid powder and clean eyes several times with it. Its use cleans purulent matter and dust particles from the eyes.

29. Sugar candy: Mix mahatrifla with sugar candy and ghee and give to the patient twice a day. Its use ends inflammation due to heat, eye redness, swelling and other eye diseases. Wash eyes with triphla water. it is also useful.

30. Alum: Dip one piece of alum into water and apply this water in eyes three or four times a day. This medicine provides relief.

31. Triphala: Immerse four spoons triphala powder into one glass water. Sprinkle this water on the eyes four times a day. It is useful for the eyes.

32. Banyan: Apply banyan milk on the nails of the feet. This formula provides a lot of relief.

33. Milk: Drip mother milk into child eyes to get relief.

34. Indian gooseberry: Extract Indian gooseberry juice and filter through a cloth. Eye redness and inflammation end by dripping this juice into the eyes.

35. Small Caltrap:  Grind small caltrop’s green fresh leaves and bind on the eyes. Its use ends eyes’ swelling and redness.

36. Coach Grass: Extract juice of coach grass and dip a cotton piece. Put it on the eyes to get relief.

37. Myrolealans: Immerse myrolealans in water at night and filter in the morning. Eye redness ends by washing eyes with this water.

38. Neem: 

  • Extract juice of neem and garden nightshade leaves. Apply this juice on the eyelids. It use ends eye redness.
  • Wash eyes with neem’s water and drip rose water or alum water into the eyes. It is useful for the eye diseases.  

39. Malabar nut: Heat a little Malabar nut’s flower and tie on the eyelids. Eyes pain disappears by its use.

40. Indian valerian rhizome: Eyes pain vanishes by applying ground Indian valerian rhizome leaves around eyes.

41. Lambs quarters: Eye swelling reduces by eating cooked lambs quarters.

 इस लेख का हिंदी अनुवाद यहाँ पढ़ेंआँख आना रोग के सबसे असरकारक 41 घरेलू उपचार

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting any new herbal treatment.

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