44 Home Remedies To Improve Vision and Maintain Eye Health

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In this disease the patient looks nothing clearly; he looks strange things, which do not exist in real. He looks such things as flies-mosquitoes and spider wax, round things and different types of lights.  Watching blurred things is the primary symptom of this disease. A patient looks far things near and nearest things far when this disease becomes serious. Eyesight becomes as weak as he cannot put a thread in the needle. These are the common symptoms of weak eyesight.

Natural Remedies to Improve Vision and Maintain Eye Health:

1. Honey

  • Take 7-14 ml mimusops elengi (maulsari) juice. It is very useful for the treatment of weak eyesight.
  • 10-15 ml rice juice (dhanyak ras) should be taken with 5-10 grams honey.
  • The patient of weak eyesight should take 4-5 grams triphala powder with 15-25 grams honey thrice a day. Its use is very useful for eyesight.
  • Mix 12-24 grams triphala ghee, triphala and liquorice root powder with honey and take it twice a day.
  • Take 15-30 ml small cardamom fruit’s decoction with 5-10 grams honey twice a day.

2. Ghee:  

  • Eat cow fresh ghee with sugarcandy, it is very useful for the eyes.
  • Mix raw sugar (deshi khand) and black pepper. Take 1-2 spoons in the morning on empty stomach. Its use enhances eyesight.
  • Take approximately 15-30 ml triphala decoction thrice a day; it is very useful for the eyes. Its use provides a lot of relief for the patient.

3. Hogweed:  Prepare collyrium with hogweed root and ghee. Apply this collyrium in the eyes twice a day. Its use provides relief.

4. Indian mustard: Apply Indian mustard powder on the eyelids’ pimples. It provides relief soon.        

5. Henna:        

  • Immerse ground cumin seeds and hena each 10 grams in rose water at night. Filter this preparation in the morning and fill it into a clean and neat bottle. Grind toasted alum and mix 1-gram alum in it. Eye redness disappears by dripping this mixture into the eyes.
  • Grind henna green leaves into paste and put this paste on the eyes at night before sleeping. It ends eye redness and pain.

6. Jasmine: Apply jasmine flower’s paste on the closed eyes, it is very useful to reduce eyes pain.

7. Butter:

  • Eye inflammation ends by applying cow butter on the eyes.
  • If marking nut tree’s milk has fallen into the eyes by mistake, apply cow butter into the eyes like collyrium. It is useful in this condition.

8. Garden nightshade:  Cover bedazzled eyes of the patient and give garden nightshade ghee applied fruit’s smoke to the eyes. In this way, eyes worms come out.

9. Rock salt: Mix rock salt, myrolealans, alum and opium properly. Apply this paste around the eyes. Its use provides relief in this disease.

10. Soap nut (reetha): Boil soap nut in water and apply this boiled water under the eyelids. Its use provides relief.

11. Madar:

  • Mix 1 gram ground bark of Madar roots with in 20 ml rose water and leave for 5 minutes. Filter it. Drip some drops (not more than 3-5) in eyes 3-4 times a day. Eye redness, heaviness and itching end after its use.
  • Prepare ash by burning the bark of madar root and grind it with little water. Apply this paste around the eyes. Its use ends eyelids swelling.
  • If there is unbearable pain in left eyes, wet right toe with madar milk and if problem is in left eyes, wet right toe with madar milk.
  • Note: Never apply madar milk into the eyes by mistake. A person becomes blind forever if its milk is applied in the eye.

12. Datura: Apply datura fresh leaves juice on the eyes. Its use ends redness, swelling and inflammation of the eyes.

13. Coach Grass:

  • Eyesight gets better by walking on bare feet on the green coach grass in the early morning.
  • Grind fresh coach grass leaves into fine paste and prepare two flat tablets. Put these tablets on the both eyelids. Its use provides relief in eyes pain and inflammation.

14. Cumin seed: Hotness ends by eating cumin seed daily and eyes sight enhances.

15. Milk:

  • If a straw falls into the eyes and is not coming outside, Drip 3 drops of milk into the eyes. Straw will come out with the help of milk greasiness. 
  • Dip cotton piece with cow milk and put little alum upon that cotton. Bind this cotton piece on the eyes. Eyes pain vanishes by its use.
  • If there is hurt in the eyes and chilly or spices have fallen in the eyes; there is unbearable pain in the eyes, put milk soaked cotton piece on the eyelids. Two drops should be dripped into the eyes. It is very useful for the eyes.

16. Fenugreek: Wash well fenugreek seeds and grind them. Apply this paste under the eyes. Circles near about eyes vanish by doing so.

17. Wheat: Mix wheat and gram flour each 100 grams properly. Mix salt and cumin seeds according to taste in it. Prepare breads with this preparation. These breads are very tasty. Eyesight enhances by eating these breads. These breads are very useful for the treatment of night blindness.

18. Malabar nut: Heat 2-4 flower of malabar nut and bind on the eyes. Its use ends eyeball swelling.

19. Tinospora:

  • Heat well about 10 grams tinospora juice with honey and rock salt each 1 gram. Apply this paste into the eyes. Its use cures blurred eyes, bewildered eyes, piles, itching; penis faults and eye diseases in the white or black portion are cured.
  • Mix triphala with tinospora juice and prepare decoction. Take it with pepper powder and honey twice a day. Its use enhances eyesight.

20. Tamarind: Heat tamarind green leaves and leaves of castor upon the fire. Extract juice by filtering it through cloth. Dissolve puffed alum and opium equal to gram with this juice in a bronze pot. Soak a cloth in this juice and put on the eyelids. Its use provides relief in eyes pain.

21. East Indian globe thistle:

  • Swallow 1 piece of East Indian globe thistle in the morning on empty stomuch regularly for one week. The person does not suffer from the eye diseases for 3-4 years regularly after its use.
  • Chew 4-5 Indian globe thistles and swallow with a draught of water every year in April. Its use makes eyes healthy forever and enhances their sight.

22. Rosewater: Eyes remain healthy and eyesight enhances by dipping rose water into the eyes. Sprinkle rose water on the eyes or dip a cotton piece into rose water and put on the eyes. It use provides relief in eye pain, redness and reduces eye swelling. Eye pain and inflammation of the eyes vanish after its use.

23. Rose: Drip fresh rose flowers’ juice with black collyrium into the eyes. Its use stops eyes inflammation and enhances eyesight.

24. Cluster fig: Eye pain vanishes by applying cluster fig milk on the eyelids.

25. Lemon:

  • Grind lemon juice in an iron mortar until its juice blackens. Apply thin paste layer of this preparation around the eyes. Its use provides relief in eye pain.
  • Mix lemon juice with opium and grind on iron grid. This paste should be applied into the eyes.
  • Rub half lemon on iron rust and make a packet by tying it in a yellow cloth. Put it on the eyes. Eyes itching and redness end by doing so.
  • Grind green glass bangles, clove, black pepper with lemon juice and water into fine paste. This collyrium cleans corneal opacity and eye web.

26. Asparagus racemosus willd: Give 100-200 ml milk purified by 15-25 grams Asparagus Racemosus wild with ginger twice a day.

27. Dalbergia sissco: Mix dalbergia sissco leaves juice with honey and Drip few drops into the eyes. Its use provides relief in this disease.

28. Indian penny root:  

  • Toast 3-6 grams Indian penny root leaves with ghee and take with rock salt thrice a day.
  • Take once a day Indian penny roots leaves’ 3-6 gram powder with meal in the morning.

29. Edipta alba:

  • Take 10 grams edipta Alba leaves fine powder, 3 grams honey and cow ghee for forty days regularly. Its use ends weak eyesight and it provides relief in many other eye diseases.
  • Drip edipta Alba leaves 2 drops juice into the eyes before sun rising. Its use ends corneal opacity and other eye diseases.
  • Heat 500 ml sesame oil, 2 liter cow milk and 2 liter Edipta juices mixing with 50 grams licqurice powder on low flame until oil remains only. Filter this material. Apply this oil on the eyelids and inhale it through nostrils. Many eye diseases are cured by its use. Lost eyesight returns after its use.
  • Prepare poultice of edipta Alba leaves and put on the eyes. Its use provides relief in many eye diseases.

30. Neem:

  • Drip warm juice of neem’s soft leaves into the ear. If there is pain in right side eye, drip neem soft leaves juice in left side ear and if pain is in left, drip juice into the right side ear.
  • Grind neem leaves and lodh each in equal quantity into fine powder. Make a poultice of this preparation and immerse this poultice into water. After some time, drip some drops of this water into the eyes. Its use reduces eye swelling.
  • Grind neem leaves and dry ginger and mix little rock salt in it. Heat this preparation. Bind a band-aid of this preparation on the eyes twice or thrice a day at night. Its use reduces swelling and inner itching of the eye. Mention that the patient should avoid his eyes from cold water and cold air.
  • Fill 500 grams neem leaves in a soil pot and put this pot into fire of cowdung. After some time, mix the ash of pot with lemon juice. Dry this powder to prepare collyrium. Apply this collyrium in the eyes; it is very useful for the treatment of many eye diseases.
  • Make heat neem leaves juice and drip this juice in the other side ear of the painful eyes. If there is pain in both the eyes, drip this juice into both the ears.
  • Grind properly 50 grams neem leaves with water and prepare a tablet of this preparation. Fry this tablet in mustard oil until it becomes black. Dissolve well camphor and nitre in this oil each 500 grams. Fill this preparation into bottles. Apply this in the eyes like collyrium at night and at morning take triphala with water. Its use ends eyes inflammation, redness and enhances eyesight.
  • Grind 20 neem leaves, Zink ash and sugar candy each 20 grams, clove and cardamom each 6 pieces. Prepare a collyrium from this preparation. Apply this collyrium on the eyes twice a day, it ends falling eyesight consequently, patient looks clearly. 
  • Put 20 neem dry leaves on 10 grams clean cotton. Sprinkle camphor powder on these leaves and prepare a wick. Dip this wick in 10 grams cow ghee and prepare collyrium. Eyesight enhances by applying this collyrium in the eyes at night regularly.
  • Apply neem leaves’ thick juice in the eyes as collyrium, it ends eyes itching and eyelids fall.
  • Extract juice of ground neem leaves and apply it on the eyelids. Its use stops eyelids fall.

31. Indian sarsaparilla:

  • Abrade Indian sarsaparilla root with stale water and apply in the eyes like collyrium. Alternatively, filter its leaves ash after burning through a cloth and apply it in the eyes mixing with honey. Its use ends eyes corneal opacity.
  • Mix Indian sarsaparilla’s soft leaves milk with honey and apply it in the eyes. Milk comes out when Indian sarsaparilla leaf is broken. Apply it to cure for many eye diseases.
  • Drip Indian sarsaparilla decoction in the eyes or mix honey in its decoction and apply in the eyes. It is useful for the eyes.

32. Aniseed:

  • Grind aniseed with sugar candy and mix properly. Take one pinch of this powder with water twice a day. Its use enhances eyesight. This preparation should be taken at least sixty days.
  • Take one spoon aniseed; it is very useful for good digestion and eyesight. Urine comes easily by its use.
  • Take one spoon aniseed with sugar mixed milk at night. Its use increases eye sight.

33. Indian beech:

  • Mix bastard teak juice with Indian beech seed’s powder and put it for 21 days to dry. Make sticks of this powder. Apply it in eyes. Corneal opacity is cured by its use.
  • Grind 1-2 grams Indian beech seed’s kernel with holy basil and jasmine buds in equal quantity. Boil this preparation with eight-fold water until little water remains. Filter it and boil again until it thickens. This paste should apply on hairless and red eyelids. This medicine provides in this condition.

34. Lodh: Prepare a paste by taking lodh and apply it on the closed eyes. Wash eyes after one hour. It is very useful for the eyes.

35. Pomegranate:

  • Grind pomegranate leaves and apply its paste on the closed eyes. Its use ends eyes pain.
  • Grind 5-6 pomegranate leaves and apply it on eyes twice a day or make a packet with its immersed leaves. Put this packet on the eyes. It is also a useful remedy to reduce eyes pain.
  • Extract juice of pomegranate leaves and fill it in an earthen pot after filtering this juice through a cloth. Apply it in eyes with the help of stick twice a day when this juice dries. Its use ends eyes itching, eyelids problems, watery eyes and many other eye diseases.

36. Clove: Grind clove, apply it on eyes sty. Sty disappears by its use.

37. Coconut: Eat 25 grams coconut’s dry kernel with 60 grams sugar for one week regularly. It is very useful for the eyes.

38. Albizzia lebbeck benth:

  • Prepare collyrium of albizzia lebbeck benth leaves juice and apply it in the eyes. Its use ends eyes pain.
  • Take albizzia lebbeck benth decoction or apply its leaves juice in the eyes, it is very useful for the eye dresses.
  • Immerse a cloth in albizzia lebbeck benth juice. Immerse and dry it three times. Make a wick of this cloth and burn with jasmine oil to prepare collyrium. Eyesight enhances by applying this collyrium.

39. Water:

  • If there is redness, hotness and swelling in the eyes, foment eyes again and again with cold water, rose water and ice pieces covering with a cloth. Its use contracts veins and cools down eyes inflammation. Swelling is reduced if eyes are fomented with cold water. If there is pus in the eyes, do not foment eyes for long time.
  • If the patient has been suffering from eyes pain or burning sensation around the eyes or eyebrows, inhale steam through nostrils of painful side. If there is pain in right eye, inhale steam through right side nostril and if there is pain in both the eyes, inhale steam through both nostrils.
  • Fold cloth five times and make two inches round pad. Immerse this pad in ice and put it on the eyes. Cold water can be used in place of ice. 

40. Bastard teak: Drip bastard teak’s fresh root juice into the eyes, it cures corneal opacity, cataract, night blindness and many eye diseases.

41. Cinnamomum tamala: Apply the paste of cinnamomum leaves in the eyes, eye web and falling eyesight end. Corneal opacity is cured by its use.

42. Sesame: Fill dew into a bottle with silky cloth on the sesame flowers in winter season. After that, Drip this water into the eyes, it is very useful for treatment.

43. Triphala: Immerse triphala in little water at night. Filter this preparation in the morning and wash the eyes with this water. Many eye diseases are cured by its use.

44. Plum:

  • Abrade plum stone and apply in the eyes if water flows from the eyes. Its use provides relief.
  • Grind plum stone with water and apply in the eyes twice a day for two months regularly. Water does not flow from the eyes after its use.

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Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting any new herbal treatment.

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