Falsa (Phalsa): 18 Amazing Health Benefits and Uses

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         Falsa (Asiatic greevia) is a huge tree, which is found in the gardens. Mostly, it grows in the north India. Its fruit is like the fruit of pipal tree. It is called asiatica greevia. It is sweet in taste. The syrup, which is prepared from the fruit of Falsa (Asiatic greevia), is drunk in the summer seasons.

Falsa / Phalsa: Name in Different Languages

  • English : Asiatic greevia
  • Hindi : Falsa
  • Sanskrit : Purushak
  • Gujarati : Falsa
  • Marathi : Falsa
  • Arabic : Falsa
  • Bengali : Falsa
  • Parsian : Falsa
  • Kannada : Bettaha
  • Latin : Greevia Asiatic

What is falsa fruit? 

Falsa (Asiatic greevia): It is sour, small and vapid in taste. It causes warmth in the body and eliminates stomach gas. It is beneficial for health.

Raw fruits of Falsa (Asiatic greevia): It is small, sour and vapid in taste. It causes warmth in the body and eliminates gas.

Ripe fruits of Falsa (Asiatic greevia): The ripe fruit of Falsa (Asiatic greevia) is tasty and sour in taste and cool in nature. It increases sperm count and quenches thirst. It is useful to cure Vatta, bile disorders, tuberculosis, blood disorders, bilious fever, inflammation and swelling.

Falsa (Phalsa) Fruit Uses and Benefits:

1. Bile disorders and heart problems:

  • Mix the juice of ripe Falsa (Asiatic greevia) with ground dry ginger and loaf sugar (shakkar) with water. This mixture should be taken in the condition of vatta disorders and heart problems. 
  • Mix juice of ripe Falsa (Asiatic greevia), aniseeds and sugar together. Taking this mixture provide relief in these problems.

2. Prickly heat:

  • A person can avoid from sun strokes by taking the syrup of mulberry and Falsa .
  • Taking rock salt with Falsa  protects from sun strokes.

3. Urticaria: Mix dry ginger, sugar and water in the juice of ripe Falsa  there after give it to the patient. Its use removes the spots of urticaria.

4. Urinary problems: Taking Falsa  or its syrup is useful to cure anuria-dysuria.

5. Delivery of the dead embryo from the uterus: Paste of root of Falsa should be coat on the naval, abdomen and vagina. Using this process brings out the dead embryo from the womb soon.

6. Body inflammation:

  • Taking the fruit or syrup of Falsa twice a day is useful to reduce the inflammation of the body.
  • Taking ripe Falsa with loaf sugar (shakkar) is beneficial to end the warmth and inflammation of the body.
  • Inflammation of the body is cured by drinking the syrup of Falsa.
  • Inflammation is cured by taking 20 grams Falsa with loaf sugar (shakkar).

7. Contaminated stool: Falsa brings the disorder of the disease out from the body. It ends the warmth and dryness of the brain. It makes the heart, stomach and liver strong. It eliminates constipation and cures anuria-dysuria, gonorrhoea and white leucorrhoea. Ripe Falsa also should be taken in the condition of stomach and chest warmth and mystification.

8. Anemia: Falsa should be taken if there is a lack of blood in the body. It is useful to increase blood.

9. Anorexia: Taking black salt and black peppers with Falsa is useful to cure anorexia.

10. Acidity: The patient who suffers from acidity should take Falsa because it provides relief.

11. Headache: Taking the syrup of Falsa twice a day ends headache caused by warm.

12. Fever: Taking the syrup of Falsa fruit twice a day is useful to reduce the burning sensation caused by fever.

13. Hurt: If the blood is blowing from the any part of body, syrup of Falsa should be taken regularly because it stops bleeding. Its use provides relief soon.

14. White leucorrhoea: White leucorrhoea is cured by drinking the syrup of Falsa.

15. Fast pulsation of the heart:

  • Taking the syrup of Falsa’s fruits twice a day is beneficial to normalize the pulsation of heart.
  • Mix the powder of 5 black peppers and black salt according to taste with 30 grams Falsa. The patient who suffers from fast pulsation of the heart should take this mixture because it provides relief.

16. Rheumatism: Taking the decoction of Falsa root is useful to cure rheumatism.

17. Pimples on the face: Applying ground leaves of Falsa on the pimples is useful to make dry the pimples pus. Using this process is useful to cure pimples.  

18. Heart weakness:

  • Mix dry ginger, sugar and water in the juice of ripe Falsa there after give it to the patient, it makes the heart strong.
  • Shuffle 10 grams ripe Falsa fruits, 5 black peppers and one pinch black salt together there after mix 1 cup of water and little lemon juice in it. Taking this preparation for some days regularly is useful to end the weakness of the heart and normalizes the fast pulsation of the heart. It also increases sperm count and body strength. Syphilis also removes by its use.

Note: Ripe Falsa fruit should be taken with loaf sugar (shakkar) in the condition of syphilis and burning sensation in the body.

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Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting any new herbal treatment.

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