Sheesham (Rosewood): 20 Amazing Uses and Health Benefits

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Its wood is used in buildings and furniture. Planted trees of sheesham are found all over India. Its tree grows itself too. Its wood and seeds have oil which is used in medicines.

Sheesham Tree: Name in Different Languages

  • English          –          Rosewood, 
  • Hindi         –           Shisho, Shisham
  • Sanskrit        –           Bhasmgarbha, Shinshpa, Pichhila, Krishnsara
  • Gujarati         –           Sisam
  • Marathi          –           Shishav
  • Bengali          –          Shishugadh, Shisho
  • Punjabi          –           Sharei, Sisam
  • Telugu            –       Shishupa, Erubudu
  • Kannada       –           Biridee
  • Surname       –           Febasis

Sheesham (Rosewood) Tree Structure:

 The trees of sheesham are 100 feet high. Its bark is thick, brown and tattered in length. New branches of sheesham tree are soft that can fold easily. Its leaves are 1 to 3 inches long, wide and in spinning top shape. There are 3 to 5 leaves at one stem of leaves. Sheesham flowers are white and yellow. Its pods are long, flat and have 2 to 4 seeds. Its wood is light yellow and brown. Sheesham has another kind also of which wood is dark brown.

Chemical structure: The stem of sheesham tree contains oil. Its pods possess tannin acid and seeds contain stable oil.

Sheesham (Rosewood) Medicinal Properties: 

  • Sheesham is bitter and pungent.
  •  It can be the cause of abortion and purifies the blood. 
  • It is antiphlogistic and causes heat in sperm. 
  • It is useful in the treatment of white flecks, vomiting, abdominal diseases, boil and pimples.
  •  It is expectorant and kills stomach worms. 
  • Sheesham is hot by nature, pungent, spicy and bitter. 
  • It is a good remedy in hiccups, swelling, erysipelas, wound and leprosy.
  •  It kills stomach worms and brings the phlegm out. 
  • The tree of sheesham, Arjuna and sandal are considered useful in spermathorrhoea, leprosy, obesity and jaundice. 
  • Fatness reduces by its use. 
  • Sheesham, triphala, lead wort and bastard teak are useful in such cases as- lack of sperm, hemorrhoids, spermathorrhoea, jaundice, diabetes and obesity. 
  • The wood of sissoo (sisham) tree is used to cure leprosy and pimples.
  •  It also destroys worms.

Sheesham (Rosewood) Uses and Benefits :

1. Strangury:  Drink 50 to 100 milliliters decoction made by boiling the leaves of sheesham thrice a day. Its use provides relief.

2. Fluid of sperm with urine: Take 10 to 15 milliliters juice of sheesham’s leaves thrice a day. Its use provides relief in this disease.

3. Cholera: Make tablets of sheesham with fragrant and spicy medicines. Taking these tablets regularly provides relief.

4. Eye diseases: Mix honey in the juice of sheesham’s leaves and drop in the eyes. Its use gets rid of conjunctivitis.

5. Breast’s swelling: Heat the leaves of sheesham tree and tie these leaves on the breast. Wash breast with the decoction prepared by boiling its leaves. Thus a woman gets rid of breast’s swelling.

6. Stomach inflammation:  Taking 10 to 15 milliliters juice of sheesham’s leaves provides relief in stomach inflammation. Take 10 to 15 milliliters juice of sheesham’s leaves twice a day. Its use also provides relief in jaundice.

7. Fever: Mix 20 ml juice of sheesham, 320 ml water and 160 ml milk together then boil it on low flame until milk remains only then give it to the patient to drink thrice a day. It provides relief in all types of fever.

8. Sciatica (Joints’ pain): Prepare thick powder by grinding 10 kilograms bark of sheesham tree and boil it in 23 litre water until it remains 1\8 part. Then cool and filter it. Boil it again to thicken. Take 10 grams this mixture with ghee mixed boiled milk thrice a day for 21 days. Its use gets rid of sciatica. 

9. Blood disorders:

  • Immerse one kilogram scrap (Burada) of sheesham in 3 litre water and boil it until hald water remains then filter it. Thereafter mix 750 grams ground sugar in this preparation (Bura) to prepare syrup. Drinking prepared syrup purifies the blood.
  • Drink the syrup of 3 to 6 grams sheesham’s scrap to purify the blood.

10. Leprosy:

  • Boil 10 lm juice of sheesham in 500 ml water until half water remains and mix sheesham syrup in it. Drinking this mixture twice a day for 40 days regularly provides relief in leprosy.
  • Mix the paste of sheesham’s leaves in sesame oil and apply it on the scratched skin. Its use provides quick relief.
  • Drink 50 to 100 milliliters decoction of sheesham’s leaves or scrap to get rid of boils and pimples.

11. Skin diseases: Apply oil of sheesham on the skin to get rid of skin diseases. It is beneficial in itching with blueness, inflammation of the body and chronic wounds.

12. Metrorrhagia: Take 10 to 15 milliliters juice of sheesham’s leaves twice a day. The victim of metrorrhagia gets rid of this disease by the use of this medicine.

13. Dysmenorrhoea: Take 3 to 6 grams powder of sheesham or 50 to 100 milliliters decoction of sheesham twice a day. Its use provides relief. 

14. Phlegm: Take 10 to 15 drops oil of sheesham mixing in hot milk twice a day. Its use brings the phlegm out.

15. Blood amoebic dysentery: Shuffle 6 grams green leaves of sheesham tree and equal amount of mint leaves in water to prepare syrup. Drinking this syrup provides relief in blood amoebic dysentery.

16. Wound: Apply oil of sheesham’s leaves on the wounds. Its use heals them up soon. It is also useful in the wounds of leprosy.

17. Leucorrhoea: Grind the leaves and flowers of sheesham tree and cardamom 40 grams each, 20 grams sugar-candy and 16 black peppers together. Taking this mixture provides relief in leucorrhoea.

18. Sperm disability: Soak green and soft leaves of sheesham tree in water filled in a soil pot then cover it at night. Wring these leaves in the morning and filter this water. Mix sugar-candy in this water and make the patient drink. Its use provides relief and enhances sperm count.

19. Leprosy: Apply sheesham oil or its leave’s oil on the affected part. Its use provides relief.

20. Pain in the nerve: Mix the root and leaves of sheesham tree with equal quantity of rock salt. Prepare a paste of this preparation mixing with vinegar. Apply this paste on the affected part to get rid of neural pain. Its use provides relief soon.

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Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting any new herbal treatment.

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