Black mustard seeds (Rai): 11 Amazing Uses and Benefits

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          The seeds of black mustard are light black. Its properties are similar to red mustard but it is spicier than the red.

Black mustard seeds (Rai): Name in different languages

  • Hindi                –           Rai
  • Sanskrit            –           Rajika, Raji, Aasuri
  • Gujrati              –           Raie
  • Marathi            –           Mohri
  • Bengali            –           Raie, Sarisha
  • Arabic               –           Khadral, Kubr
  • Persian                 –           Sasharp

Black mustard seeds (Rai): Uses and Benefits

1. Throat swelling: Rub oil of black mustard seeds on the throat. Its use reduces swelling of the throat.

2. Migraine: Grind black mustard with pigeon dung and apply it on the forehead. Its use gets rid of migraine.

3. Baldness: Grind half raw and half toasted black mustard together and mix in bitter oil. Apply this mixture on the head. A person gets rid of baldness by using this medicine.

4. Catarrh: Rub the oil of black mustard seeds on the feet and soles. Its use is beneficial in catarrh and ends the chillness of the head. Rub its oil in the nose stops the water that comes out from the nose.

5. Children cough: Rub oil of black mustard on the child’s chest. Its stops cough.

6. Vomiting: Mix flour of black mustard in the water and drink. Its use gets rid of vomiting soon. Apply its plaster on the stomach and chest to get quick relief in vomiting.

7. Arthritis:

  • Apply the plaster of Indian mustard on the affected part. Its use gets rid of rheumatic pain.
  • Mix camphor in the oil of Indian mustard and apply it on the afflicted organ. Its use provides relief in rheumatic pain.

8. Dullness: Rub pure and fresh oil of black mustard all over the body. Its use ends laziness.

9. Scorpion poison: Grind the leaves of Indian cotton plant with black mustard seeds. Apply this mixture on the bitten part. Its use alleviates scorpion poisoning.

10. Ringworm: Grind Indian mustard with vinegar and apply it on the ringworms. Ringworm disappears by its application.

11. Accumulation of the blood: Rub the oil of black mustard on the body. Its use gets rid of this disease and blood runs in its normal way.

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Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting any new herbal treatment.

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