Vanshlochan (bamboo manna): 10 Medicinal Uses and Health Benefits

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What is Vanshlochan (bamboo manna)?

Vanshlochan (bamboo manna) is found inside the burls of thick bamboos. It collects at the burls like coconut milk after ripening bamboo. When we cut and dry these bamboos, this juice dries. Thereafter bamboo manna is obtained by tearing these bamboos.

Vanshlochan (bamboo manna): Medicinal & Ayurvedic Properties

  • Colour: Vanshlochan (bamboo manna) is white with little blueness.
  • Taste: It is vapid.
  • Nature: It is cool.
  • Vanshlochan (bamboo manna) enhances bodily humour (dhatu) and the sperm count.
  •  It is cool and tasty. 
  • It makes the sperm thick and quenches thirst.
  •  It brings the phlegm out and checks blood and bile disorders.
  • Vanshlochan (bamboo manna) is good remedy for the treatment of cough, fever and jaundice.
  • Its use removes white flecks, boils, pimples.
  •  It makes strong to the heart and stomach.
  •  It is beneficial in blood diarrhoea caused by bile. 
  • Vanshlochan (bamboo manna) provides relief in insanity and fever caused by heat. 
  • Make the powder by grinding bamboo manna, toasted alum and sugar-candy 10 grams each together. Taking this powder provides relief in cough. 
  • This powder is also very useful for infants who cannot spit phlegm and become the victim of unconsciousness while coughing. It can be given half gram to infants according to age.


It can be taken in 6 grams quantity.

Vanshlochan (bamboo manna) Uses and Benefits:

1. Asthma: Make the powder by grinding Vanshlochan and peeper 20 grams each. Take this powder mixing with 2 ml honey twice a day to cure asthma.

2. Dentition: Give vanshlochan with honey to the child during dentition. Beautiful teeth grow by its use and the child does not suffer from toothache.

3. Cough:

  • Vanshlochan (bamboo manna) is a liquid that is used in several medicines. A large number of famous medicines are prepared by mixing vanshlochan. It is very useful in cough and breathing problems. Licking half-gram vanshlochan with honey stops dry cough. Vanshlochan (bamboo manna) is very beneficial in asthma. Mix 1 pinch of peeper powder with half-gram vanshlochan. Giving this mixture with honey to the patient provides a lot of relief.
  • Giving 1 to 2.5 grams powder of vanshlochan mixing with honey to the patient stops dry cough.

4. Protection of the womb: Take half-gram vanshlochan with water or milk twice a day. Its use ends the fear of abortion. The uterus becomes strong by its use. It keeps healthy to the pregnant woman and her baby.

5. Stomatitis (Mouth blisters):

  • Mix honey with vanshlochan and apply on mouth blisters to get relief.
  • Grind vanshlochan and turmeric into fine powder. Apply this powder on blisters of the mouth to remove them.

6. Leucorrhoea:

  • Grind 50 grams vanshlochan and mix 50 grams sugar in it. Take 5 grams this mixture with fresh milk or water twice a day to get relief.
  • Make the powder by grinding vanshlochan, cobra saffron and small cardamom 50 grams each. Mix 100 grams sugar-candy in this powder. Taking one spoon this preparation with milk twice a day provides relief.

7. Liver enlargement:

  • Mix honey in 1.5 grams vanshlochan and lick. Its use provides relief in liver enlargement.
  • Give 120 grams pure vanshlochan with milk or honey to the child twice a day. Its use provides relief in this disease.
  • Make the powder by grinding vanshlochan, papaya and chiretta 120 milligrams each. Taking this powder with honey provides relief in liver enlargement.

8. Sperm problems:

  • Grind 30 grams vanshlochan with 3 grams small cardamom. Take one gram this preparation with ghee and sugar twice a day. All problems related to sperm disappear by its use.
  • Grind 60 grams vanshlochan and mix 40 grams sugar in it. Take 5 grams this mixture with milk twice a day to increases sperm count.

9. Inflammation of the hands and feet: Licking 1-gram vanshlochan with honey twice a day ends the inflammation of the hands and feet.

10. Children cough: Give 120 milligrams ground vanshlochan with honey to the afflicted child. Its use ends cough.

Vanshlochan (bamboo manna) Side Effects:   

Precaution: Taking over quantity of Vanshlochan is harmful for the lungs.

Removing side-effects: Berries, pistacia lentischs (mastgi) and saffron (kesar) retain its properties and remove its all side-effects.

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Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting any new herbal treatment.

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