Bullet Wood (Maulsiri): 17 Medicinal Uses and Health Benefits

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This tree is mostly grown roads sides, home-gardens and everywhere. Its flowers are so fragrant that dried flowers have also smell. It is also known the name of pashupat, shivavalli, varahula, etc.

Bullet Wood (Maulsiri) Tree Name in Different Languages:

  • English              :    Bullet wood tree
  • Hindi             :    Maulsiri
  • Sanskrit            :    Chirpushp madhur gandh
  • Marathi             :    Bakul
  • Bengali             :    Bkulagadh
  • Telugu              :    Pagadamanu, pamada

Bullet Wood (Maulsiri) Tree Structure:

  • Bullet wood is small, straight and has many branches. 
  • Its leaves are 2-4 inches long, sharp from front, round towards stem and little wide like black berry.
  •  Flowers are white, in round shape and have 24 flower’s leaves.
  •  Flowers grow in serial or sprout (New shoot).
  •  Its fruits are one inch long and egg shape. 
  • Raw fruits are green and after ripe change into orange or yellow. 
  • Each fruit has seed which is plain, egg shape and shiny. Its flowers grow in summer to winter season after that fruits grow.

Bullet Wood (Maulsiri) Medicinal & Ayurvedic Properties :

  • Its bark has tannin, ranzak liquids, wax elements, starch and alkali. 
  • Its flower has flying oil, and seeds have permanent oil. Fruits have sugar and saiponin.
  • Bullet wood increases body strength and digestive power. 
  • It ends bile disorder, phlegm disorder, worms, swelling, looseness of uterus and checks vagina bleeding. 
  • It decreases bleeding of abdomen and urine way and also reduces swelling.
  •  Its fruit and bark are restorative and very useful for teeth. 
  • These cure fever, leprosy and purify blood and also end poisoning.

Bullet Wood (Maulsiri): Uses and Benefits

1. Teeth Diseases:

  • Boil 50 grams peel of bullet wood with 500 ml water until it remains 100 ml quantity then put down and cool it. Gargling with it sets moving teeth.
  • Chewing 1-2 fruits of bullet wood regularly is useful to make teeth strong.
  • Brushing with powder of bullet wood bark is beneficial to make the teeth strong.
  • Mix 100 ml decoction of bullet wood bark, two grams piper, 10 grams honey and 5 grams ghee together. Keeps it in the mouth and chew, it ends toothache.
  • Brushing with bullet wood soft branch (Datun) is useful to end toothache.
  • Brush with bullet wood soft branch or chew, it makes teeth strong.
  • Grind the seeds of bullet wood with hot water to make the paste. Now, rubbing this paste on the teeth and gums is beneficial to stops moving teeth.
  • Mix decoction of the soft buds of bullet wood with milk or water and take, it makes teeth strong in old age also.
  • Grind surinam medalcar (Maulsiri), cyperus (Nagarmotha), vazradanti, Indian nard (Zatamansi), gallnut, pomegranate’s peel each 40 grams and pyllitory, iron powder, rock salt each 20 grams and toasted alum, pistacia lentischs (Rumi mastangi), small myrobalan chebulic (Harar), gums of Khairy each 10 grams and Kassi, Tatri and toasted blue vitriol (Tutiya) each 6 grams together and prepare tooth-powder. Brushing with it regularly sets moving tooth. It also ends toothache, dirt, mouth offensive smell and cleans saliva.

2. Head Diseases: Smelling fine powder of the dried flowers bullet wood is useful to end headache.

3. Diarrhoea:

  • Grind 8-10 seeds of Bakul with cold water and take, it cures diarrhoea. Taking 10-20 grams morrow of its ripe fruits regularly is useful to get relief in chronic diarrhoea.
  • Eat 5 dried fruits of bullet wood tree; it checks bloody diarrhoea and dysentery.
  • Taking 20-40 drops of its seed’s oil regularly for 2-3 days is beneficial to prevent amoebic dysentery.

4. Bladder Diseases:

  • Drink five ml decoction of bullet wood bark twice a day regularly for some days, it is useful to cure hematuria.
  • Take 1-2 grams powder of bullet wood bark with one spoon honey 2-3 times in a day; it is useful to prevent vagina bleeding. Taking it is useful to cure spermatorrhoea and end back pain. It also increases sperm count.

5. Ulcer and pimples: Dry peel of bullet wood tree. Grind it and mix with wax or Vaseline. Apply it on the ulcer and pimples 3-4 times a day, it cures the disease.

6. Sore: Washing dirty and dark wounds with the decoction of bullet wood is useful to get relief in disease.

7. Mouth Diseases: Mix bakul, Indian gooseberry and catechu in equal quantity to prepare the decoction. Gargling with it 10-20 times a day provides relief early in the condition of mouth blisters, gums swelling and other mouth diseases. It makes strong teeth.

8. Cough: Immerse flowers of bullet wood in 500 ml water for whole night. Give 10-20 ml this quantity to child in the morning. Using it regular for 3-6 days is useful to cure cough.

9. Constipation: Make a stick of bullet wood seeds with old ghee. Keeping it in vagina provides relief after fifteen minutes consequently; hard stool comes out with loose-motions.

10. Eyes Disease: Drink 7 to 14 milliliter juice of bullet wood leaves with honey twice a day regularly, it is useful to get relief in eyes diseases.

11. Teeth Diseases: Brushing with tooth-powder of bullet wood peel is useful to get relief in teeth diseases.

12. Pyorrhoea:

  • One should brush with brush-wood (Datun) of bullet wood stem and chew its fruit, it cures pyorrhoea.
  • Gargling with decoction of its bark cures pyorrhoea and sets moving teeth.

13. Gums Diseases: Grind the peel of bullet wood to prepare thick powder. After that, boil fifteen grams of this powder with 200 ml water until it remains half. Gargling with it twice a day is useful to get relief in the gums diseases.

14. Vomiting: Burn dried peel of bullet wood in fire and quench into water. Filter this water and make the patient drink, it checks painful vomiting.

15. Spitting:

  • One should brush with the soft branch of bullet wood and also chew, it decreases over saliva.
  • Gargling with decoction of the peel of bullet wood is useful to decrease salivating.

16. Amoebic Dysentery: Feeding the ripen fruit of bullet wood to patient is beneficial to cure dysentery. It also checks loose-motion and amoebic dysentery.

17. Leucorrhoea: Dry fresh peels of bullet wood under shadow and after that grind it to prepare the powder. Filter this powder and mix equal quantity of sugar in it. Taking 10 grams quantity of this powder with water regularly for fifteen days is useful to get relief in leucorrhoea.

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Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting any new herbal treatment.

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