55 Surprising Health Benefits of Betel Leaves (Paan)

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Betel leaf is not only used to eat but also in worship, yag, havan, hospitality and cultural programs. It is cultivated in the places of Bihar, Pachim Bangal, Banaras, Sanchi etc. It is known many names as- Madrasi, Bengala, Kapoori, Mahoba, Banarasi, Maalavi, Viola, Maharajpur and Desi because of cultivating from different places.

Betel Leaves (Paan): Name in Different Languages

  • English           :    Betel
  • Hindi            :    Paan, Tambul
  • Sanskrit          :    Naagvallari, Naagini, Naagavallika,Varnalata, Taambul, Saptshira, Mukhbhushan
  • Gujatati            :    Naagarbela
  • Marathi            :    Naagarbela
  • Bengali            :    Paan
  • Telugu        :    Naagarballi, Taamalapaku
  • Arabic              :    Tambol, Tambula
  • Parsian            :    Varge, Tambol, Tambool
  • Scientific names  :    Pepper betel

Betel (Paan) Plant Structure: 

Betel is forest herb, which is kind of a creeper. Its creeper is so beautiful. Its leaf shape is as same as long pepper (piplal) leaf. Its creeper is 15 to 20 feet long, which stem is very strong, hard and gland-full. Its leaf is like heart shape, which is 4 to 8 inch long, 2 to 4 inch wide, oily and thick. Its flowers appear with cluster. It is also known as Paan Pippli. Its flower blossoms in February and March, but fruits in the summer season. It has fragrance.

Different betel leaf:  

  1. Shri Vati Paan: It ends tridosha (Vatta-pitta-kapha) and increase appetite, and it is cold during digestion. 
  2. Aml Vati Paan: It is spicy, sour, pungent and soft. It causes burning sensation, blister and swelling in the mouth and ends gas disorder.
  3. Sitasi paan: It sweet, pungent, bitter, hot natured and digestible. It removes the different diseases of the stomach and colic pain and increases appetite.
  4. Old betel: It is fragrant, pungent and sweet, and increase appetite. It is useful for the heart and increases appetite, vigour, sexual power, purgative and mouth freshener.
  5. Malva ka angar paan: It is cool in nature, purgative, acidic, pungent and sweet. It increase appetite and provide power to the body. It causes fragrance in the mouth and eliminates constipation, and cures dropsy.  
  6. Pot kuli paan: The pot kuli paan of Andhr Pradesh is bitter, pungent and hot in nature. It removes phlegm and causes bile disorder, and eliminates gas.
  7. The broken fresh betel: Taking it cures the mouth diseases and stupidity, and causes VattPitta and burning sensation. It increases appetite and causes blood disorder and vomiting.
  8. The cooked betel: It causes appetite and cleans the body color, and removes Vatta-Pitta-Kapha.
  9. Black betel: It is bitter, pungent and hot natured. It removes burning sensation and stupidity, and clears the stomach.
  10. White betel: It removes phlegm and gas, and is eatable. It increases appetite and digestible.
  11. Paan nase: It provides coolness and dries blood. Put five pieces of black pepper in betel leaf and take, it cures bloody piles. 
  12. Dry and wet betel: It causes skin disease, teeth disease and mouth disease. Taking its root causes many diseases and taking its powder decreases age. The intoxicant of betel debases the mind. Putting excessive betel-nut in the betel provides happiness and taking excessive quantity of betel causes fragrances. The broken point of betel should be taken at night and excessively broken point of betel should be taken in day.   

Betel fruit:

 It is useful for the heart. It is fragrant. It eliminates phlegm and gas. 

Betel Leaves (Paan) Medicinal & Ayurvedic Properties:

  • Nature: It is hot and dry in nature.
  • Color: Its color is green, white and yellow.
  • Taste : Its taste is spicy, pungent and hot natured.
  • Betel delights the mind, and strengthens the heart, liver and mind. 
  • It provides happiness and amusement.
  •  It causes easy urinating, removes teeth and mouth problems, clears the voice, and enhances sexual vigour and appetite. 


  • Its leaf contains proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and tannin. 
  • Betel contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine, poeticism, and vitamin-A, B and C.
  • Its leaf has flying oil. Its oil has elements which known as phenol and turpentine (tarpin). 
  • Its leaf has strange fragrance due to phenol. Its superiority depends on phenol. 

According to National Nutrient Organization, 100 grams betel contain different element is given bellow:-

Protein3.1 grams
Fat0.8 grams
Iron7.0 grams
Carbohydrates6.1 grams
Niacin0.5 grams
Lime230 milligrams
Vitamin-C5 milligrams
Cybophlevine0.03 milligrams
Carotene5760 milligrams
Thiamin0.07 milligrams


The mixed 1 to 2 teaspoon betel juice and 1 to 2 grams fruits powder can be taken twice a day (in the morning and evening).

Betel Leaves (Paan) Uses and Benefits:

1. Breast problem: Massage breast after applying betel juice on this part and after that foment on the part consequently, removes swelling and purifies the milk of the breast.

2. Breast swelling: The woman, whose child has died, and swelling has occurred in her breast caused by retention of milk, heat betel leaf and apply it on the breast, it reduces swelling, and helps to bring out the retention of milk.

3. Hoarseness: Put chirag gul in betel leaf and take, it clears throat that is caused by taking vermilion.

4. Mouth blisters:

  • Mix the juice of betel leaves in honey and apply it on the blisters twice or thrice a day, it cures them.
  • Dry betel leaves and chew, it cures the mouth blisters.

5. Scorpion bite: Grind dry ginger with betel juice and apply it on the affected parts, it provides relief.

6. Over thirst:

  • Mix a little quantity of peppermint in betel juice and take, it quenches thirst
  • Taking betel is useful to quench thirst.

7. Cough:

  • Put 1 to 2 grams caraway (ajvine) on betel leaf and take it and after that take lukewarm water before going to bed. It cures dry cough, asthma and removes breathing problems.
  • Mix betel fruit in honey and lick twice or thrice a day regularly, it prevents cough.
  • Grind 240 milligrams nutmegs (jayphal) with betel and take it. It provides relief in cough.
  • Lick 3 ml. betel juice with honey, it prevents cough of children.
  • Mix betel fruit with honey and lick it twice or thrice a day regularly. It prevents cough.
  • To cure cough, put tow pinches bishops weed seed on the betel leaves and chew it and lick its juice slowly.
  • Put the toasted turmeric piece on betel leaf and take it. It provides relief in cough. It cough occurs again and again at night, put bishops weed seed in the betel and take. After that, swallow its spittle.  
  • Grind betel fruits to make the powder and take it with honey, it checks phlegm and provides relief in cough.
  • Put one clove, one piece of toasted turmeric and a little caraway (ajvine) in betel leaves and take twice or thrice a day, it provides relief in cough.

8. Impotency: Apply betel leaf on the penis, or apply 10 drops oil of staff tree (malkangani) on betel leaf and take twice or thrice a day regularly some days, it removes impotency. Milk and ghee can be taken during this treatment.

9. Injury:

  • Apply lime (choona) and catechu (katha) on the betel leaf and put a little tobacco (tambaakoo) on this betel then grind it to make the paste. Toast this paste and apply it on the affected parts, it provides relief from its pain, and cures them.
  • Mix lime (choona) with betel juice and apply it on the affected parts, and tie bandage on this parts. It removes swelling and pain.
  • Applying betel leaves on the affected parts provides benefit.

10. Constipation of children: Apply a little ghee and salt on betel stem. Apply this betel stem on the anus, it generates loose motions and provides relief in constipation.

11. Asthma:

  • Give 5 to 10 milliliters juice of betel leaves with honey or ginger juice to the patient thrice or four times a day regularly, it is helpful to cure asthma.
  • Put the powder of gajpipal on the betel leaves and take, it cures asthma.
  • Grind Bengali betel leaves to extract 500 ml juice. In the same way, extract 500 ml juice of ginger and 500 ml juice pomegranate. After that mix these juices together and in which mix 60 grams black pepper powder and 80 grams small pepper powder and one kg sugar candy. After that, boil this mixture on the low flame to make the syrup. Taking 10 ml this syrup everyday cures cough, asthma and fever and increases appetite.
  • Taking mace (javitri) with betel is helpful for curing asthma.
  • Apply equal quantities of lime (choona) and catechu (katha) on the betel leaf and after that put one cardamom and 2 black peppers on it. Chew this betel, and suck its juice. It provides relief from asthma.

12. Hoarseness: Chewing the roots of betel thrice or four times a day is useful to cure hoarseness.

13. Fever:

  • Boil betel juice and take one teaspoon of it thrice a day, it is cures fever.
  • Boil 3 ml. betel juice and take it twice or thrice a day, it protects from fever.
  • Mix 6 grams of an equal quantity of betel juice, ginger juice and honey together and take it twice a day (in the morning and evening). It cures fever.

14. Heart diseases:

  • To cure the disease of irregular heart pulsation and high blood pressure, mix one spoon juice of betel and one spoon sugar candy and take.
  • To remove the weakness of the heart, take betel. It can be use in spite of digitalis. 
  • Taking the syrup of betel leaf enhances the power of heart and ends cough and anorexia.  

15. Urticaria: Grind 3 betel leaves and one teaspoon alum (fitakari) with water to make the paste and apply it on the affected parts, it helps to cure uriticaria.

16. Kidney diseases: Taking betel leaf cures the kidney diseases.

17. Liver pain: Apply oil on the betel leaf and heat it. After that, put it on the chest then cover it by a piece cloth. It removes liver pain and bronchitis

18. Cough and catarrh: Taking betel with clove is useful to get relief in cough and catarrh. If cough occurs again and again, put toasted pieces of turmeric in betel and take. If cough excessively occurs at night, you should take betel with caraway (ajvine). If the child feels cold, Heat betel leaf, and apply oil on this betel leaf. Apply this betel leaf on the chest to get relief.

19. Boil: Betel leaf is insect destroyer. Heat betel leaf, and apply oil on that betel leaf. Tie this betel leaf on affected part, it cures boils.

20. Clearing voice :

  • Licking the root of betel clears the voice. If phlegm has gathered in the throat or hoarseness has occurred, to cure them, you should take betel root. It provides benefit.  
  • Taking betel clears the voice.

21. Foul smell of betel: Foul smell of betel leaf can be removed by frying it with ghee or oil.

22. Excitable: Taking betel provides arousal to the body. This arousal is caused by an element which exists in betel-nut (supari) and the applied lime on the betel increases this process.

23. Bursting mouth: Sometimes, the mouth is burst by taking excessively applied lime on the betel. To cure, apply Indian ghee on the affected part, and take excessively applied catechu on the betel.

24. Acidity: Taking betel eliminates acidity.

25. Mouth blister and Pyorrhea: Put camphor (kapoor) in betel like equal quantity of gram pulse and chew it, and spit its juice. It provides relief. It also helps for curing pyorrhea.

26. Navel maturation: In the problem of navel maturation, sometimes, bleeding from navel or child navel maturate, grind betel-nut (supari) with water and apply it on the affected part twice a day (in the morning and evening) to cure this disease.

27. Eyes diseases: Applying the juice of betel leaf in the eyes is helpful to cure the eyes diseases.

28. Headache:  Applying betel leaf on the temples provides relief from headache.

29. Irritation: Taking betel juice with milk soothes the irritation of female.

30. Night blindness:

  • Mix honey with the juice of betel leaves and apply it in the eyes thrice or four times a day. It cures night blindness.       
  • Drip 2 drops betel juice in the eyes. It improves the eyesight, and cures the night blindness.

31. Feeling cold to the children: Heat betel leaf, and apply castor oil on it. After that, tie this leaf on the chest. It removes nervousness, and protects form cold.

32. Catarrh

  • Apply castor oil on the leaves of betel and heat it and then tie it on the chest cures catarrh.
  • Drip 2 or 3 drops betel juice in the nose. It stops nose bleeding that is caused by dryness.
  • Grind the root of betel with liquorice and give it with honey to the patient, it cures catarrh.

33. Diphtheria (Throat swelling):

  • When owing to breathing problems pain and swelling occur in the throat, taking the juice of betel leaves provides relief consequently; phlegm goes out from the throat. In this disease, mix the juice of two to five leaves of betel in a little quantity of lukewarm water and gargling with this water provides benefit.
  • Licking 3 to 4 ml betel juice with honey prevents dry cough.
  • Grind betel stem, and lick with honey. It provides relief from cold, and eliminates phlegm.

34. Digestion:

  • Sucking betel causes saliva, which is helpful in digestion, and checks flatulence. It removes breathing problems, and clears the voice.
  • Taking betel leaves protects from the diseases, which are caused by spoil environment.

35. Weakness: Mix spicy or hot things in betel syrup, and take 25 ml of it thrice a day. It improves health.

36. Tumor swelling:  Heat betel leaf and tie it on the affected parts, it provides relief in pain and swelling.

37. Wounds

  • Heat betel leaves, and tie it on the wounds. It cures them and their swelling.
  • Tie betel leaves on the wounds, it cures them.
  • To cure ulcer, take half spoon of green leaves of betel juice daily.

38. Breast swelling: Foment and massage breast with paste of betel leaf. It cures swelling, and filters the breast milk.

39. Bronchitis: Take five milliliters betel juices with honey twice a day (in the morning and evening). It is helpful for the patient of bronchitis.

40. Burning sensation and swelling of the lungs: Take 5 to 10 milliliters juice of betel leaves with honey twice a day (in the morning and evening). It provides relief from swelling and burning sensation of the lungs.

41. Burning sensation of the testicle: Apply lime (choona), catechu (katha), and tobacco (tambaakoo) on the betel leaf and grind it with ghee. Apply this preparation on castor leaf and tie it on the testicle, it provides relief in swelling and pain.

42. Whooping cough: Lick 3 milliliters juice of betel leaves with honey. It prevents whooping cough.

43. Louses: Mix mercury (para) with juice of radish and betel, and apply it on the head. It destroys louses.

44. Hiccup: Grind 10 grams betel seeds and 3 grams helle-bore (kutaki), and take it with honey. It prevents hiccup.

45. Ear pain: Heat betel juice, and drop it in the ear. It provides relief from pain that is caused by feeling cold.

46. Sprain: Apply mustard oil on betel leaf and heat it and tie it on the sprain part, it provides relief.

47. Throat Swelling: Chewing betel roots clears the voice, and ends throat swelling.

48. Uriticaria: Grind three betel and one teaspoon alum (fitakari) with water. Apply this paste on the affected parts. It cures uriticaria.

49. Breast pain and swelling: Heat betel leaf and tie it on the breast, it provides relief in swelling and pain.

Note: – Don’t give this remedy to a woman who gave a new birth.

50. Stomach worms: Taking betel juice destroys worms.

51. Over breast milk: Heat betel leaves, and tie it on the breast. It cures swelling, and ends excessive milk in the breast.

52. Sexual satisfaction: Give a little borax (suhaga) with betel to woman (partner) to take before copulating (sex) with her. It helps for satisfying her soon.

53. The swelling and pain of the finger: Heat betel leaf, and tie it on the affected finger. It reduces swelling, and provides relief from pain.

54. Elephantiasis:

  • Grind seven betel leaves with water to make the syrup and take it for some days, it provides benefit in elephantiasis.
  • Taking powder of seven betel leaves with lukewarm water thrice a day is useful to get relief in elephantiasis.

55. Diphtheria:

  • Mix betel juice with lukewarm water and gargle with this water. It provides relief. Mix one drop betel oil with 125 milliliters lukewarm water consequently, steams goes out form water. Inhaling it steam provides benefit in diphtheria.
  • Mix borax (suhaga) with betel juice and apply it on the affected parts. It provides relief.

Betel Leaves (Paan) Side Effects :   

  •  Hot nature person should not take Bengala betel leaf on empty stomach in the morning.
  •  Taking excessive betel causes eyes and teeth diseases, anorexia and impotence.
  •  Taking excessive catechu (katha) with betel leaves may be the cause of dryness in the lungs and intestine disorder. 
  • Taking excessive lime with betel leaves is harmful for teeth and taking excessive betel-nut with betel leaves causes Ariken
  • Taking betel mixed with tobacco causes cancer, and reduces sexual stimulation of women, which may be the cause of abortion. 
  • Taking betel on empty stomach is harmful.
  •  The patient who has been suffering form weakness, teeth diseases, eyes diseases, unconscious, bleeding from the nose or who have taken poison, should not take betel leaves.

Removing side-effects: The side-effects of betel can be removed by putting white cardamom, white catechu (katha) and betel-nut (supari) in betel leaves.

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Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting any new herbal treatment.


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