Amaranth (Chaulai): 21 Amazing Uses, Benefits, Dosage and Side Effects

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          Amaranth (Chaulai) is a vegetable which is found full year. It is used excessively as a vegetable. It is useful to end cough and bile disorders and brings phlegm out too. Its juice can be taken in the condition of fever because it is beneficial. Mostly, the people are used amaranths as a vegetable after cooking but its juice should be taken to get benefit completely.

Amaranth (Chaulai): Name in Different Languages

  • English    :          Fodai Amaranthus
  • Hindi       :          Chaulai
  • Sanskrit   :          Tuntleeya, Meghnath
  • Bengali    :          Net shack
  • Marathi    :          Taandulja
  • Gujarat    :          Tananduljo

Types of Amaranth (Chaulai):

There are two kinds of Amaranth (Chaulai)-

  1. Red    
  2. Green

          The stem of red amaranth (chaulai) plant is light red. Its leaves lines are also red. Its leaves are long, round and in medium size.

          Sticks and leaves of green amaranths plant are completely green. Its leaves are big. Water amaranths is thorny kind of it. Its qualities are equal to amaranth (chaulai) except some qualities. Its panchang, root and leaves are used as medicine.

          Red amaranths is nutritive and better than the green amaranths.  Amaranth (Chaulai) is excessively used in the summer season. It is easy digestible. Its vegetable contains several types of qualities, so it works well as a medicine. The cooked vegetable of soft leaves of amaranths is cool in nature which clears loose motions and purifies the blood. It also helps in stool clearly. The taste of cooked vegetable of amaranth (chaulai) is increased by mixing raw mango, curd or whey in it. It is also used to make curry.

          The vegetable of amaranths is useful in several types of diseases. Its juice is useful for the patient of blood pressure and heart problems. Taking the cooked vegetable of it is useful to cure stomach diseases, constipation and hair falling. Its vegetable is also very useful to cure body itching caused by syphilis or blood disorders. Taking the cooked vegetable of it provides relief in chronic syphilis. It is also useful to end the sexual problems of women. Breast milk is increased by taking it. It is also beneficial in the condition of leprosy, inflammation, liver and spleen disorders. Its vegetable should be given to the suffered person to get good relief. If it is possible, it should be taken regularly.

Basic facts about Amaranth (Chaulai):

  1. Color: It is green.
  2. Taste: It is vapid and pungent.
  3. Structure: it is a type of vegetable which is very famous.
  4. Nature: Amaranth (Chaulai) vegetable is dry and cool in nature.

Amaranth (Chaulai) Uses:

  • Amaranth (Chaulai) contains vitamin C, B and vitamin A in excessive quantity. Its juice is very beneficial in the all the diseases which occur because of the lack of vitamins.
  • Its juice makes the body healthy and increases moisture in the body. It calms the warmth and purifies the blood. It quenches thirst too. It is useful to cure cough and helps in urination clearly.
  • Amaranth (Chaulai) juice is useful to end weakness caused by menstrual excretion or hemorrhage due to any reason or after pregnancy.
  • Its juice is useful to end looseness and weakness of the body and eye diseases. It increases prophylactic (fighting power).
  • It is useful to cure urinary diseases and increase urine quantity.
  • It is better vegetable to alleviate the effects of poison. If someone has eaten poison or swallowed by mistakes, he should take one glass juice of amaranth (chaulai). It is useful to ends the effects of poison, but doctor advice is also necessary.
  • Amaranth (Chaulai) vegetable is useful to eliminates constipation and cures mouth blisters.

Taking minimum 150 milliliters juice of raw amaranths for one month regularly is useful to cure baldheaded and hair falling. New hair grows by its use too.

 Nutritional Profile Of Amaranth (Chaulai):          

Protein3%Vitamin-c173 I.U/ 100 gram
Fat0.3%Iron22.9 milligram/ 100 gram
Other minerals3.6%Vitamin-B173 I.U /100 gram
Vitamin-A 2500 to 11000 I.U / 100 gram

Amaranth (Chaulai): Dosing

  • Appropriate dose depends on factors like age, health conditions, etc.

Amaranth (Chaulai) Health Benefits:

1. Stone: Stone brings out after breaking if the vegetable of amaranth (chaulai) leaves is taken regularly.

2. Blood pressure, phlegm, piles and bed effects of syphilis: Taking cooked vegetable of amaranth (chaulai) regularly is useful to cure piles and end bed effects of syphilis. It also normalizes the blood pressure and brings phlegm out.

3. Hunger: Taking amaranths vegetable is useful to increase appetite.

4. Erysipelas (Group of small pimples): Grind the leaves of amaranths and apply it on the affected and inflamed part. It is useful to cure erysipelas and inflammation.

5. Asthma: Taking cooked vegetable of amaranth (chaulai) is useful to get relief in the disease asthma. Licking 5 ml juice of amaranths leaves after mix with honey is beneficial to end the breathing problems.

6. Hydrophobia: When a man becomes mad after biting mad dog and starts on biting others, in such condition, grind 50-125 grams root of forest thorny amaranth (chaulai) with water. This preparation should be dissolved in water and give it to the patient by any way again and again. It provides relief and the patient lives alive. It ends the effects of poison too. Its paste is very beneficial for all the types of poisonous biting. It is dry and destroys the effects of intoxication and poison. Its vegetable is also useful to end disturbance in blood caused by bile.

7. Constipation: Taking cooked vegetable of amaranths is useful to eliminate constipation.

8. Treatment of abortion: Take 10-12 grams root of amaranth with 60 to 120 milligrams hirabol twice a day (During menstrual excretion) regularly 4 days; it ends the fear of abortion while pregnancy.

9. Kidney stone: Stone comes out after breaking if the cooked vegetable of amaranth (chaulai) is taken regularly.

10. Piles: Piles is cured by taking the cooked vegetable of amaranths.

11. Menstrual excretion disorders: Grind the root of amaranth (chaulai) after drying in shadow and filter it. Taking 5 grams from this powder on empty stomach in the morning before 1 week of menstrual excretion ends the disorders of menstrual excretion. This medicine should not be taken after starting menstrual excretion.

12. Leucorrhoea:

  • Mix about 3-5 grams powder of amaranths root with rice water (wash the rice with water) and honey. Taking this mixture with honey is useful to cure leucorrhoea.
  • Grind amaranths root with rice water (wash rice with water) and give it to the patient with ground hujuj and honey. Using this process is useful to cure all the types of leucorrhoea.

13. Blood leucorrhoea or metrorrhoea:

  • Taking 15 ml juice of forestry amaranth (chaulai) root daily 2-3 times a day is useful to prevent blood leucorrhoea or metrorrhoea.
  • Make a decoction by boiling amaranths, Indian gooseberry, bark of Ashoka tree and the mixture of Indian berberry with water. Taking 40 ml this decoction 2-3 times a day is useful to cure blood leucorrhea metrorrhoea. It also ends uterus pain and stops bleeding too.

14. Breast enlargement: Mix panchang (leaves, root, stem, fruit and flower) of amaranths vegetable with the pulse of pigeon pea thereafter give it to the patient, it increases the breast size.

15. All the types of stomach diseases: Taking cooked vegetable of amaranth (chaulai) is useful to cure stomach diseases.

16. Rheumatism: The cooked vegetable of amaranths should be taken to cure rheumatism (Joints pain).

17. High blood pressure:  The patient who suffers from high blood pressure should take amaranth (chaulai), ash gourd (petha) and citrullus vulgaris (tinda) gourd in excessive quantity because it has the capacity of controlling blood pressure.

18. Heart problems: Drinking the juice of green amaranths vegetable is useful to reduce high blood pressure.

19. Ulcer:  If there is much pain in the nerve ulcer and that (ulcer) is not maturing, tie the band-aid of amaranth (chaulai) leaves on the affected part. Using this process provides relief from pain.

20. Geuniaworms:

  • Grind amaranths root and tie it on the wound, it cures geuniaworms.
  • Taking cooked vegetable of amaranths is useful to cure geuniaworms.

21. Burn by fire: Spray water on coach grass (durva) and amaranth (chaulai) leaves thereafter grind on a slab. Apply this mixture on the affected part; it reduces inflammation and provides relief from pain.

Amaranth (Chaulai) Side Effects:

  • Harmful: Its vegetable is heavy in digestion.
  • Bad effects removal: Spices remove the bad the effects of amaranth (chaulai).

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Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting any new herbal treatment.

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