Sajjikhar (Alkaline Salt): 15 Amazing Uses, Benefits, Dosage and Side Effects

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Sajjikhar (Alkaline Salt) colour is dusty. It grows itself on the earth. Alkaline Salt is also called by the names of “Papadkhar”. Sajjikhar (Alkaline Salt) is mixed in the pulse and beans to cook soon. It is also used in the pakoden and dahi bare (Indian dish) to make them soft. Sajjikhar is a type of spice and also useful for the treatment of children diseases. It takes time in digestion and it is pungent, greasy and cool. It also eliminates gas.

Note: Sajjikhar (Alkaline Salt) is used in pulse, gram and beans to cook them quickly.

The Names for Sajjikhar in Different Languages:

  • Hindi: Sajji, Sajikhar, Sajjimitti
  • Kannada: Saajjikharu, Saajjikhar, Sajjikhar
  • Gujarati: Saajjikhar
  • Marathi: Sajjikhar
  • Bengali: Saajikhar, Saajimaati
  • Punjabi: Sajji, Lota sajji
  • English: Sodium carbonate

Medicinal Properties and Qualities of Sajjikhar:

  • Taste (Rasa):
    • Pungent (Katu)
    • Alkaline taste (Kshara rasa)
  • Potency (Virya):
    • Hot (Ushna)
  • Quality (Guna):
    • Light (Laghu)
    • Penetrating (Tikshna)
  • Action (Karma):
    • Kindles digestive fire (Deepana)
    • Improves digestion (Pachana)
  • Effect on Doshas:
    • Balances Vata and Kapha doshas due to its hot (Ushna) quality
    • Aggravates Pitta dosha

In summary, Sajjikhar has a pungent and alkaline taste, with hot potency. It helps improve digestion and balance Vata and Kapha, but may aggravate Pitta in some people.

Sajjikhar (Alkaline Salt) Dosage:

  • Recommended dose:
    • 3 to 12 ratti
    • Equivalent to 375 mg to 1.5 grams
    • Taken in divided doses per day
  • Dosage should be individualized based on:
    • Age
    • Health condition
    • Response to treatment
  • Best to start with lower dosage and increase gradually
  • Should be taken under medical supervision
  • Excessive doses may cause side effects

In summary, the general dosage range for Sajjikhar is 375 mg to 1.5 grams per day, taken in divided doses. The dosage needs to be tailored for each individual by an Ayurvedic practitioner or doctor. Caution should be exercised to avoid potential side effects from high doses.

Sajjikhar (Alkaline Salt) Benefits and Uses:

1. Toothache: Grind Sajjikhar (Alkaline Salt) and black pepper 5 grams each together. Rubbing this powder on the tooth twice or thrice a day ends toothache.

2. Hair problems: Grind thickly by taking Sajjikhar (Alkaline Salt), impure carbonate of potash (Javakhar), mustard, vinegar and nut grass each 5 grams. Grind this powder with a little water and apply it on the hair. All hair problems disappear by its use.

3. Constipation: Mix Sajjikhar and old jaggery each 3 grams properly. Make small tablets of this mixture. Taking one tablet daily in the morning is good remedy to break constipation.

4. Hemorrhoids: Make a paste by grinding equal quantity of Sajjikhar, borax, baking lime and blue vitriol together. Mix lemon juice in it to make a paste and apply it on the warts of piles. Its use ends them within a few days.

5. Sprue: Make the powder by grinding Sajjikhar, impure carbonate of potash (Javakhar), salt, black salt, sodium of chloride (Sendha namak), dry ginger, black pepper, long pepper, celery seed, lead wort, root of long pepper, toasted asafetida in whey or decoction of jharberry. Take half spoon of this powder regularly to get relief in dysentery.

6. Injury: Mix lime or Sajjikhar with turmeric and apply it on the affected part. Its use heals the injury up and provides relief in sprain and spasm. The patient also gets rid of pain caused by wounds or crushing.

7. Stone: Take 6 grams Sajjikhar (Alkaline Salt) powder mixing with whey of cow’s milk twice a day. Its use melts the stones of the kidney and stomach.

8. Disorders caused by injection: Take Sajjikhar (Alkaline Salt) mixing with turmeric regularly to heal the wound up caused by injection.

9. Colic pain: 

  • Make the powder by grinding Sajjikhar, costus root, impure carbonate of potash and screw pine together. Taking this powder mixing with castor oil is useful to get relief in colic pain.
  • Taking Sajjikhar mixing with jiggery (gur) is useful to end colic pain.

10. Breast tumour: Grind equal quantity of Sajjikhar (Alkaline Salt), borax lava (Khil) and impure carbonate of potash together to prepare powder. Taking about half to one gram this powder twice a day ends the tumors of the breast.

11. Stomach pain:

  • Mix equal quantity of Sajjikhar, impure carbonate of potash and 5 types of salt together after that boil this mixture in lemon juice and keep. Take about ¼ grams this mixture to get relief in stomach pain, which attacks during digestion.
  • Grind 250 grams Sajjikhar, 250 grams impure carbonate of potash, 200 grams dry ginger, 200 grams sonchar salt and 150 grams small pepper together to prepare fine powder. Taking about ¼ to ½ gram of this powder mixing with lukewarm water once a day provides relief in stomach pain.

12. Retention of urine: Grind 4 grams Sajjikhar and mix with whey. A person gets rid of retention of urine by taking this preparation and the he passes urine out easily.

13. Vagina diseases: Grind Sajjikhar (Alkaline Salt), orris root, leaves of staff tree and Indian kino with cold milk. Taking this mixture continues the menstrual excretion.  

14. Jaundice: Grind 10 grams Sajjikhar (Alkaline Salt) and 10 grams sanchar salt with lemon juice. Taking this preparation regularly for 3 days provides good result. The patient of jaundice gets rid of this disease.

15. Moles and warts:

  • Grind Sajjikhar, lime and soap (which is used for washing clothes) 5 grams each with water. Apply this mixture on the warts. The wart dissolves and comes out if it is pulled out by anything.   
  • Grind Sajjikhar with water on a stone like sandal and apply it on the warts twice a day. The warts disappear by its use within 2 weeks.

16. Burns: Make a mixture by taking water and Sajjikhar in the ratio of 9:1. Make a bandage with this mixture and tie it on the burning affected area. Its use reduces the burning sensation caused by burning.

Sajjikhar Side Effects:

Due to its hot and Pitta aggravating property, it should be avoided in:

  • Bleeding disorders
  • Burning sensation
  • High Pitta conditions

It should also be avoided in:

  • Children
  • Emaciated and underweight persons

It can reduce quality and quantity of sperm due to its alkaline (Kshara) quality

In high doses, it may cause:

  • Gastrointestinal irritation
  • Burning sensation

It should be avoided during:

  • Pregnancy
  • Lactation

In summary, Sajjikhar has the potential to aggravate Pitta and cause side effects like burning, irritation, and reduced sperm quality when used inappropriately or in high doses. Caution should be exercised in susceptible individuals and conditions.

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Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting any new herbal treatment.

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