Gorakhmundi: 23 Amazing Uses, Benefits, Dosage and Side Effects

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        Gorakhmundi plants are found in Himachal Pradesh. Mostly, its plant grows in the rice’s field and humid forests. Its flowers appear in the winter season and thereafter fruits appear on this plant.

Gorakhmundi Name in different languages:

  • Scientist           :    Sphairanthus indicus
  • Sanskrit            :    Mundi, Mundica
  • Hindi            :    Mundi, Gaurakhmundi
  • Gujarat             :    Gaurakhmundi
  • Marathi             :    Gaurakhmundi
  • Bengali            :     Mudar, Chhangal, Mudmudia
  • Punjab             :     Bodtarmu

Gorakhmundi Plant Structure:

Gorakhmundi is a type of fitted with an umbrella (chhatedar) grass. Its fruits and flowers are round like pea’s seed.

Gorakhmundi plant is bushy and 1-3 feet high or spreads on the earth. Its stem is 1-2 inch high and strong. Its branch is soft, hairy and the shape is like pipe. Its flowers are small and purple.

Gorakhmundi Medicinal Properties: 

Gorakhmundi is purgative and increases the body strength. It is useful for the treatment of throat tumour, scrofula, indignation, vatta, obesity, insanity, spleen disorders, elephantiasis, dysentery, anorexia, vagina pain, cough, piles, anuria-dysuria, night fall, epilepsy, leprosy and alleviates poisoning. It kills stomach worms and brings phlegm out.

  • Nature: It is cool and hot in nature.
  • Colour: Its leaves are green.
  • Taste: It is pungent.

Gorakhmundi: Dosage

 Ten grams gorakhmundi can be taken.

Gorakhmundi Uses and Benefits:

1. Headache: Take ¼ parts powder of black peppers with 3-5 ml juice of gorakhmundi twice a day, it provides relief in migraine, which occurs during sunrise and sunset.

2. Eye diseases:

  • Take one gorakhmundi on empty stomach in the morning for one week regularly; any diseases do not occur in the eyes for one year.
  • Chew 4-5 fresh fruit of gorakhmundi and swallow it with water in April month, it increases eyesight.

3. Intestines enlargement: Make the powder by grinding equal quantity of gorakhmundi fruit, asparagus abscendens, asparagus racemosus willed and flavieria repanda together. After that, take 3 grams this powder with water, it provides relief in intestines enlargement.

4. Hair problems:

  • Make the powder by grinding 50 grams gorakhmundi and filter it. After that, take 5 grams this powder with water in the morning regularly, it ends hair falling.
  • Dry root or panchang (Stem, root, flower, leaves and fruit) of gorakhmundi and flavieria repanda under shadow. Grind separate both and prepare powder from these. After that, take 2-8 grams of both powder with ghee or honey for 60-80 days regularly, it ends all the problems of the hair and also makes the hair black.

5. Conception: Make fine powder by grinding gorakhmundi and nutmeg together. An offspring will take birth by taking this powder.

6. Impotency:

  • Taking powder of gorakhmundi fruits with juice of neem is useful to end impotency.
  • Make the powder by grinding 75 grams gorakhmundi and it with mix 75 grams loaf sugar after filter. After that, take 10 grams this mixture with mixed milk of sugar before going to bed, it provides relief in impotency.

7. Abnormal situation of blood pressure: Take 25-50 ml juice of gorakhmundi 4 times in 6 hours, it makes blood pressure normal and curse black flecks of the face.

8. Tumour: Taking 10-20 ml juice of gorakhmundi panchang (root, stem, leaves fruit and flower) twice a day regularly is useful to cure tumour.

9. Stomach worms: Take ground seeds of gorakhmundi; it ends the stomach worms and brings out with stool.

10. Sperm disorders: Take powder of gorakhmundi flowers with sugar; it makes the sperm count thick.

11. Blood clot: Taking gorakhmundi powder with gorakhmundi decoction is useful to cure blood clot.

12. Breast tumour: Take 10-20 ml juice of gorakhmundi panchang (stem, root, leaves, fruit and flower) twice a day, it cures the breast tumour.

13. Writer cramp: Taking powder of gorakhmundi and cloves together is useful to get relief in writer’s cramp.

14. Syphilis: Make the powder by grinding equal quantity of gorakhmundi and tinospora together thereafter mix honey in it. After that, take 4 grams this powder with water twice a day, it provides relief in syphilis.

15. Urine upon the bed: Feeding 10-20 ml juice of gorakhmundi panchang (root, stem, leaves, fruit and flower) to the children twice a day ends above symptom.

16. Stomachache: Boil gorakhmundi root and give it to the patient, it provides relief in stomach pain.

17. Rheumatism: Make the powder by grinding gorakhmundi and cloves together thereafter rub it on the affected part, it provides relief in rheumatism or joins pain.

18. Scrofula: Taking juice of gorakhmundi leaves with honey is useful to get relief in scrofula.

19. Geuniaworms: Make a paste by grinding leaves of gorakhmundi thereafter apply it on the affected part as well as grind gorakhmundi with ginger juice and give it to the patient. Using this process is useful to get relief from pain caused by geuniaworms.

20. Elephantiasis: Apply 10-20 ml juice of gorakhmundi panchang (root, stem, leaves, fruit and flower) on the ulcer of elephantiasis twice a day, it provides relief.

21. Skin diseases:

  • Take 40 ml decoction of gorakhmundi and also apply it on the skin, it cures the skin diseases.
  • Taking 50 ml juice of gorakhmundi 4 times in a day regularly purifies the blood and cures all the diseases of the skin.

22. Excessive sweat or offensive smell of the body: Take 1-2 grams powder of gorakhmundi with vinegar twice a day; it removes offensive smell of the body. It also reduces sweat quantity

23. Body strength:

  • Taking powder of gorakhmundi with honey is useful to makes the body strong.
  • Grind dried plant of gorakhmundi (Dry plant in shadow) and prepare pudding from it after grinding. After that, take this pudding, it increases the body strength.
  • Make the powder by grinding seeds of gorakhmundi and mix equal quantity of sugar in it. After that, take 1 pinch this powder twice a day regularly, it enhances the body power.
  • Take powder of gorakhmundi root with milk for two years regularly, it increases the body power. Consequently, the hair does not make white too.

Gorakhmundi Side Effects:   

  • Precaution: Taking over quantity of gorakhmundi may be harmful for the reproductive organs.
  • Removing bad effect: Vihidana removes the bad effects of gorakhmundi and protects from its qualities.

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Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting any new herbal treatment.

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