Flat Bean (Same): Uses, Benefits and Side Effects

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     Bean is known by the name of “Raj-Shimb” in Sanskrit. There are many kinds of beans which are found in forests in India. Its pods are called “Papri”. There are two kinds of beans- first is its straight plant which grown in the fields and the second is its creeper which spreads over the earth.

Flat Bean (Same) Medicinal & Ayurvedic Properties:

  • Bean is used as a green vegetable and pulse. Cook its sabji by mixing caraway in beans. It causes gas, so oil must be taken with bean.
  •  Bean and its pods increase vatta generally. 
  • Bean contains proteins, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium, sulphur and iron.
  •  It also contains good quantity of vitamin ‘A’ and a little quantity of vitamin-C.
  •  Bean is sweet, dry, sour, pungent and heavy.
  •  It sets the motions and ends tridoshas.
  •  It causes gas trouble, vatta disorders and burning sensation.
  •  It increases bile, blood and urine.  
  • It reduces the sperm count and brings the phlegm out. 
  • It reduces swelling and alleviates poisoning.

Flat Bean (Same) Uses and Benefits:

1. Nasal warts: Rub bean pod on the warts of the nose properly then put this pod in the water. As the pod of bean starts to decay as the warts will disappear.

2. Skin diseases: Eat cooked vegetable of bean to purify the blood if you have been suffering from skin diseases caused by impure blood. All diseases of the skin will disappear by its use.

3. Infantile fever: Mix the juice of bean leaves with aloe vera and apply it on the soles and palms of the child. Its use abates the fever quickly.

4. Flecks and marks of the face: Apply the juice of bean leaves on the face to remove the black flecks of the face.

5. Scorpion poison: Apply the juice of bean leaves on the bitten part to alleviate poisoning. 

Flat Bean (Same) Side Effects: 

  • Eating the sabji (green cooked vegetable) of bean leaves activates the bowel movement.
  •  Bean is indigestible for gaseous.
  •  It is also harmful for the person who takes medicines prepared with mercury (parad).
  • Bean causes gas trouble, so it should not be taken in excessive quantity. 
  • Bean purifies the blood and enhances energy and fatness of the body. It is considered the source of agility. 
  • It produces acidic juice after digestion and enhances the body power. 
  • It sets the motions but causes gas trouble and heaviness in the stomach because of its dry nature.
  •  It is hot natured so its use reduces the sperm count. 
  • Bean alleviates internal poisoning of the body but reduces eyesight.

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Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting any new herbal treatment.

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