Top13 Uses and Health Benefits of Chilli (mirchi)

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Chilli (mirchi) Uses and Benefits:

1.Epilepsy: Grind seeds of chilli to prepare the fine powder. Smelling it is useful to get relief in this disease.

2.Cough: Take one gram powder of chilli seeds with honey twice a day, it provides relief in cough.

3.Itching: Mix powder of chilli seeds and mustard oil together and apply, it is useful to end itching.

4.Sprue: Boil 4 grams seeds of chilli and 2 grams sugar in 250 milliliter nanny goat milk. Taking it twice a day is useful to get relief in sprue.

5.Strong Teeth: Boil two chilly without grinding with 200 ml water. Gargling with this water regularly 2-3 times a day ends toothache and sets moved tooth.


  • Capsicum anam medicine is made from red chilli in Homeopathy. Mix 5-5 drops of its mother tincture with lukewarm water and after that give it to the patient thrice a day regularly. It cures cough.
  • Mix 10 grams chilly, 20 grams piper, 40 grams pomegranate, 80 grams jaggery and 5 grams impure carbonate of potash (Yawakshar) together. Sucking this mixture cures cough.
  • Grind 10 grams chilli, 20 grams piper, 6 grams Yawakshar, 20 grams peel of pomegranate’s fruits and 80 grams jaggery together. Now, prepare 3-3 grams tablets. Sucking theses tablets cures all type cough diseases.

7.Ear Pain: Grind red chilli and mix it in goat (bakara) urine and drip it in the ear, it ends violent ear pain.


  • Grind peels of red chilli without seeds to make the powder. After that, take one pinch of this powder with honey again and again, it cures cholera.
  • Grind two kilograms red chilly, 100 grams toasted Indian hemp (bhang) and garlic, dry ginger, black pepper, piper, hen bane seeds (Khurasani Ajwayan), white chilly, sal-ammoniac, black salt, sanchar salt and pure poison nut (Kuchla) each 25 grams together then boil with four folds water until it remains half then put down and mix six kilograms jaggery in it. Keep it safe in a soil or wood pot for fifty days. Now, filter and fill in a bottle. Mixing five percent Sanjeevani sura becomes more effective. Keep attention, don’t use Maithail alcohol at the place of Mrit sanjeevani otherwise it will be poison. Dosage: Mix onion juice with 20-30 milliliter of this medicine and give to patient according need at an interval of every one or two hours. It cures cholera, stomachache, surfeited, worms, sleeplessness, urine diseases, restlessness and others.

9.Ringworm: Boil 125 grams red chilly and 175 ml mustard oil then filter it. Applying with this oil is useful to cure ringworm.

10.Erysipelas Layers:  Boil a little quantity of red chilly without grinding with mustard oil then filter it and apply on the pimples. It provides relief in the disease.

11.Hoarseness: Grind 10-10 grams Dakkhani chilly and greater galangal (Kulanjan) together then filter and mix 20 grams sugar in it and take 5-5 grams quantity of it twice a day, it cures hoarseness.

12. Malaria fever: Tie a green chilly (without seeds) on the thumb before two hour of fever and use it 2-3 times periodically. It is useful to cure malaria. The inflammation occurs due to tying green chilly. Therefore, you can tie it on the thumb until you tolerate.

13. Rheumatism: Make a paste by grinding red or green chilly with stem and coat it on the affected part, it provides relief from rheumatism pain.

Chilli (mirchi) Side Effects: 

Precaution: Taking over quantity of green chilly is harmful for the lungs, bladder and stomach.

Removing side effects: Ghee and honey remove the side effects of green chilly.

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Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting any new herbal treatment.

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