Barley (Jau): 28 Amazing Uses, Benefits and Side Effects

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What is Barley (Jau)? :

        Barley is being used since a long time. Barley was the main food of our preceptors-ascetics. It is used in worship by priests. Barley is different in taste and shape than wheat but it is kind of wheat. Barley qualities are light than the wheat qualities. Barley is fat grain, which is found in all over India. Barley plant is like wheat plant. There are three kinds of barley as- sharp pointed, without pointed and slender with green. Sharp pointed barley is called Yav. Barley (without pointed) is black with red, which is called Atayav. Fine with green barley is called Tokyayav. Yav is better than atayav and atayav is better than tokyayav.

        Barley has also a wild kind, which is used to make medicines in the Europe, America, China and Japan. Parched gram (sattu) is prepared by mixing toasted powder of barley with some salt and water. Some peoples mix jaggery with parched gram (sattu) instead of salt. Parched gram (sattu) is also taken with ghee and sugar.

Barley (Jau) Medicinal & Ayurvedic Properties :

Barley generates constipation and calms blood warmth too. It is useful to cure fever, cough, tuberculosis and chronic fever. It also quenches thirst caused by warmth.

  • According to Scientists- Barley is excellent medicine for the suffered person. It contains lactic acid, salicylic acid, phosphoric acid, potassium and calcium. It also contains carotene in less quantity. Barley is used in maltine kadliver named medicine.
  • Colour: Barley is yellow and white.
  • Taste: It is vapid.
  • Structure: It is a type of grain.
  • Nature: Barley is cool in nature.

Barley (Jau) Uses and Benefits :

1. Body strength:

  • Grind soaked barley and put off its peels (soak barley in water according to need). Make sweet dish (Kheer) by boiling 60 grams this barley with 500 ml milk and take it regularly two months, it makes the body strong and powerful. If one can’t take this sweet dish regularly, he must take this sweet dish 2-3 times in a week.
  • Drinking water of boiled barley twice a day regularly is useful to increase blood quantity in the body. Drinking barley water in the summer season is very useful.

2. Burn from fire: Grind fine burnt barley with sesamem oil and apply it on the affected part, it provides relief in inflammation.

3. Rule of preparing ash of barley: Put barley and a burnt coal together in a pot for burning barley. Close well this pot for 4 hours after burning barley. Throw coal form this pot and grind barley or toast barley on grid and prepare ash from it. Barley ash is ready.

4. Stone: Drinking barley water breaks stone. The patient who suffers from stone should take bread and parched gram (sattu) of barley, it brings stone out consequently, this disease does not occur again. Taking chapatti of barley-flour is useful to end swelling and diseases of the internal part.

5. Over thirst:

  • Soak one cup of ground barley with two glass of water for 8 hours. Boil this mixture on fire and filter it. Gargling with this lukewarm water quenches over thirst.
  • Churning powder of toasted barley with water and mix ghee in it. Taking it is useful to end inflammation, blood bile and quench thirst.

6. Loose motions: Taking gruel of barley and kidney bean is useful to prevent diarrhea and inflammation of the intestines.

7. Blood vatta: Make a paste by mixing flour of toasted barley and liquorice with washed ghee. Blood vatta is cured by applying this paste on the affected part.

8. Asthma and breathing problems: Grind 6 grams barley ash with 6 grams sugar candy and take it with lukewarm water twice a day, it cures asthma and ends breathing problems.

9. Chest wound:

  • Mix well 100 grams barley-flour with 100-gram ghee and boil it with 250 milliliters milk. Taking it twice a day is useful to get relief in the chest wound.
  • Mix well 100 grams barley, 50 grams sugar and 50 grams honey together. Taking this mixture with 250 milliliters milk twice a day is useful to cure chest wound.

10. Identification of the sterility: Press barley seeds under the soil of flower pot and drip woman urine (Morning urine) in this pot. If the seeds grow within one week, it should be considered that woman is not sterility.

11. Acidity:

  • Taking juice or gruel of barley with honey is useful to get relief in acidity.
  • Make a decoction by boiling barley and Malabar nut with water there after mix cinnamon, folio malabathey, cardamom powder and honey in it. Taking this mixture cures vomiting caused by acidity.

12. Sunstroke: Applying a paste of barley-flour on the body is useful to get relief in sunstroke.

13. Dropsy: Taking gruel of barley is useful to cure dropsy.

14. Diabetes:

  • Mix 50 grams barley-flour with 10 grams gram-flour and prepare chapatti from it. Taking these breads with vegetable is useful or taking only chapatti of barley-flour for 8-10 days regularly cures diabetes.
  • Barley is very useful for fatness (Obesity) and diabetes patient. Taking bread of barley-flour helps in control to diabetes.
  • Grind toasted barley like flour and prepare chapatti from it. Taking these breads is useful to get relief in diabetes.

15. Obesity (Fatness):

  • Mix parched gram (Sattu) of barley and trifala decoction with honey. Obesity (fatness) is cured by taking this mixture.
  • Soak barley with water for 12 hours there after peel barley after drying (barley of without peels is also present). Make sweet dish (Kheer) by boiling barley with milk and give it to the twice a day for some days regularly, it increases fatness.

16. Hematuria: Boil 50 grams barley with 500 ml water until remains half quantity then put it down. Giving this decoction to the patient thrice a day is useful to cure hematuria.

17. Rheumatism: Mix sugar and barley-flour together there after prepare sweetmeats from it. Taking these sweetmeats is useful to cure rheumatism, pain and swelling.

18. Giddiness caused by warmth: Taking parched gram (Sattu) of barley provides coolness to the body and the body can tolerate warmth. 

19. Geuniaworms: Make a paste and tablets by mixing barley-flour with curd. Tie this paste on the affected part and also take these tablets, it cures geuniaworms.

20. Jaundice: Take parched gram (sattu) of barley and drink one glass of sugarcane juice upon it; it will cure jaundice within 4-5 days.

21. Hand rough: Mix barley-flour with some water and rub it on the hands, it makes the hand soft.

22. Fair complexion:

  • Make poultice by putting one handful of filtered flour of barley in a cloth. Immerse this poultice in raw milk and rub it on the body thrice a week during bathe, it fairs complexion slowly.  
  • Make paste by mixing barley-flour, ground turmeric and mustered oil with water. Apply this paste on the body and take bath with lukewarm water regularly, it fairs complexion.

23. Burn:

  • Rubbing parched gram (Sattu) on the body reduces inflammation.
  • Grind fine barley and mix sesamem oil in it. After that, apply this mixture on the affected part, it ends inflammation and wound.

24. Soft skin: Make a paste by mixing half-cup barley-flour, one spoon cream and juice of half lemon with some water. Coat this paste on face and wash after 15 minutes. Using this process regularly makes the skin soft and beautiful.

25. Throat swelling: Chewing raw barley in the morning ends swelling and hoarseness of the throat.

26. Children treatment: If children have been suffering from weakness after taking good meals, mix ipomoea digitata, wheat-flour and barley-flour with ghee and feed this preparation to it with milk, honey and sugar candy. It ends weakness and increases appetite too. If raw milk is harmful for children, boiled milk should be used with honey and sugar candy.

27. Body swelling: Boil 1 cup barley with about one liter water and cool it. Taking this mixture is useful to cure swelling of the body.

28.  Abortion:

  • Make the fine powder by grinding barley-flour, sesamem and sugar 12 grams each together there after add honey in it. Giving this mixture to the woman for licking is useful to end fear of abortion.
  • Mix equal quantity of barley-flour and sugar together thereafter give it to the patient; it ends fear of abortion, which occurs again and again.  

Barley (Jau) Side Effects :

Precaution: Taking over quantity of it may be harmful for the vesica.

Removing bad effect: Ghee removes the bad effects of it.

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Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting any new herbal treatment.

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