Coconut (nariyal) 90: Uses, Benefits, Nutrition Facts and Side Effects

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Coconut grows in hot regions so its native countries are Jawa and Sumatra. It is also found in Hind Ocean and Pacific Ocean. There are two kinds of coconut. First, is Mohani and second is Saada. Now a days mostly, it is grown in sea climate and and South states. Mohani coconut is as sweet as sugar. Saada coconut fruit is also sweet. Saada coconut has many kinds. Its plant is green and red, and its fruits have different shapes and size. Some fruits are long whereas some are small and big. Besides Saada and Mohani, there is another kind of coconut. This kind is small than both kinds. Fruits blossom only for 2-3 years on this tree of third kind.

The juice, which is extracted by making a hoel in the soft axis of its tree, is called Maadi. In this way, juice extracted from its tree at Ratnagiri, Karbaar and other regions is called maadi. About one liter to 1.5-liter maadi is extracted from its one tree. Its oil is used as medicine.

Taste: Its fruit and water are sweet.

Coconut (nariyal): Name in Different Languages 

  • English    :    Coconut
  • Hindi        :    Nariyal
  • Sanskrit     :    Naarikel, Dardhphal, Langli
  • Bengali    :    Naarikel
  • Marathi    :    Naaral
  • Gujarati   :    Naaliar
  • Parsian    :    Joze

Coconut (nariyal) Treet Structure :

 Coconut trees grow nearby sea banks. It gives fruit after 7-8 years. White colour gola is obtained after breaking the hard peel of coconut.

Nutrition facts of Coconut (nariyal) : 

Nature: Its fruit and water are cool and sweet. It is related with lysine and triptofane abemino acids. It contains carbohydrates and minerals in enough quantity. Vitamins and many other useful elements are found in it. Its water has Magnesium and Calcium. Dried coconut has less quantity of above elements. Raw coconut’s water has different types of minerals.

Niacin0.64 mg. /100 gm.Iron0.1 mg. /100 gm.
Riboflavin0.01 mg. /100 gm.Phosphorus37 mg. /100 gm.
PyridoxineLess quantityCalcium29 mg. /100 gm.
Biotin0.02 mg. /100 gm.Magnesium30 mg. /100 gm.
Pantothinic Acid0.52 mg. /100 gm.Copper0.04 mg. /100 gm.
Chlorine183 mg. /100 gm.Sulphur24 mg. / 100 gm.
Sodium105 mg. /100 gm.Potassium312 mg. /100 gm.

Coconut (nariyal): Medicinal & Ayurvedic Properties 

  • Coconut cures Vaata and Pitta disorders, Blood disorders and burning sensation.
  • It increases sperm count.
  •  Its water is cool and useful for the heart.
  •  Its water increases hunger and sperm count as well as quenches the thirst. 
  • It helps to clean urine bladder. 
  • Raw fruit’s water is nutritive and increases quantity of urine. Its water is bacteria-free.
  •  The body consumes its carbohydrates quickly.
  •  Green coconut’s water contains vitamin-B in proper quantity so one should drink it quickly.

Coconut (nariyal): Uses and Benefits

1. Thirst during Fever: Burn coconut’s root and put in warm water and cool it. Filter this mixture and give to the patient. It provides quick relief.

2. Stomach Pain:

  • Taking water of green coconut is useful to get relief in dropsy and stomach pain.
  • Eating little coconut twice or thrice a day provides relief.
  • Mix rock salt in coconut oil and give to the patient for drinking. Its use provides relief.

3. Pain:

  • Fill salt in a coconut by making a hole. Dry that coconut by closing the hole with soil. Cook it on the low flame after drying. Thereafter, grind that coconut with salt. Take this powder with the powder of long pepper. Its use ends all the types of pain.
  • One should take 12 to 24 grams pulp of coconut fruit with ginger and ghee thrice a day for relief.

4. Hair fall:

  • Massage coconut oil on the head. Its use stops hair fall.
  • Boil fenugreek and powder of Indian gooseberry with coconut oil. Rubbing it on the head provides relief.

5. Sunstrokes: Coconut water proves good remedy when a person becomes the victim of sunstrokes.

6. De-hydration (lack of Water):

  • Mix coconut water with lemon juice according to taste and give to the child for drinking one spoon at the regular interval of five minutes. Its use throws stomach worms out with motion and prevents vomiting. An adult can take water of a whole coconut.
  • The patient gets relief from dehydration by drinking little coconut water.

7. Milk indigestion by children: Mix coconut water with milk and give to children who face difficulty to digest the milk. It digests easily.

8. Head Pain:

  • Mix 25 grams dried kernel of coconut and 25 grams sugar-candy altogether. Taking it twice a day ends headache.
  • Mix tal sugar candy with coconut and take. Its use ends headache.

9. Nose Bleeding:

  • Take coconut water on empty stomach in morning. Its use stops nose bleeding.
  • Drink 100 ml coconut water several times a day in summer season. Its use stops nose bleeding.

10. Fatness:

  • Coconut enhances fat in the body and strengthens the brain.
  • Taking 50 grams coconut twice a day fattens the body.

11. Fever:

  • Drink coconut water, it reduces the temperature of fever.
  • Drinking water of raw coconut cures fever.

12. For beautiful baby: A pregnant woman should drink water of one coconut regularly. She gives birth to a beautiful baby.

13. Stone:

  • Taking coconut water thrice a day breaks urinary stone.
  • Mix 12 ml coconut water with half gram impure of carbonate potash (Yawakshar) and take twice a day. Its use provides relief.
  • Crush 12 grams flower of coconut and make sauce. Mix impure carbonate of potash and take regularly twice a day. The patient urinates freely and bladder stones come out after melting by its use.

14. Eyes’ Diseases: Mix 25 grams dried kernel of coconut and 60 grams loaf together. Taking it regularly for 7 days provides relief.

15. Cracked Tongue: Chewing kernel of dried coconut with sugar-candy provides relief in cracked tongue caused by eating betel-leaf.

16. Face Marks and Flecks: Rubbing coconut water on the face regularly. Its use removes face acnes, pimples, marks, flecks and chicken pox marks.

17. Piles:  Mix 10 grams ash of coconut root with 10 grams 10 grams ground sugar. Take it with water. Its use cures piles.

18. Delivery: A woman does not feel much agony while giving birth to a child if she eats 25 ml coconut with 25 grams sugar-candy.

19. Children Whooping Cough: Give coconut oil four times a day to one-year-old child. Its use provides relief in whooping cough.

20. If there is warmth in Body:

  • Mix coconut oil and water altogether. Rub this preparation on head and soles. Its use calms body warmth gradually.
  • Mix lemon juice with coconut water and take on empty stomach in the morning. Warmth of the body excretes through urine and stool. Its use purifies the blood.

21. Rat’s poison: Grind tasteless coconut fruit with radish juice and prepare paste. After that, apply it on affected parts provides relief.

22. Blood disorders due to Bile: Grind seeds of strychnos potatorum (Nirmli), sugar and cardamom with coconut water. After that, take this preparation, it cures this disease and ends anuria and dysuria.

23. Anuria and Dysuria:

  • Mix jiggery and coriander with coconut water and drink. It cures urine-burning sensation and helps to bring urine easily.
  • One should drink enough quantity of raw coconut’s water.

24. Heart Diseases: Toast turmeric knots with 50 ml coconut water and grind these knots. Mix 20 grams pure ghee with this preparation and drink.

25. Blood Spermatorrhoea: Make a hole in a clean and fresh coconut and fill 250 ml water and 3-4 pinches alum powder in it. Close this hole and keep in dew under the open sky. Shake this coconut and drink water in morning. It cures blood spermatorrhoea.

26. Vaata Disorders: Cook juice of fresh coconut fruit on fire and extract its oil. Mix black pepper in this oil and rub on the body. It ends gas disorders.

27. Wound:

  • Coconut oil is considered good remedy for wound.
  • Purify coconut oil with purple lippia and apply on the wound. Its use provides relief soon.
  • Coconut oil should apply on the wound or affected place due to burning.

28. Sperm increaser: Cook 640 grams kernel of coconut (Fruit) with 320 ml water, 320 grams cow’s ghee and 640 grams sugar on low flame until it makes sticky. Grind cinnamon, Indian gamboege tree leaves (Tamal), cardamom, nutmeg, black pepper, dry ginger, cumin seed, baybidang and piper each 10 grams together and prepare powder. Mix this powder with prepared mixture and make a pudding. Taking it provides relief in abdomen diseases. It is cool and useful for heart. It increases sperm count and hunger.

29. Tonic (Powerful body): Chewing coconut fruit with jiggery in December, January and February months enhances body strength of youth boys and girls and children. It makes strong and big chest.

30. Hiccups and Vomiting: Burn upper peel of coconut and make ash. Lapping this ash with honey prevents hiccups and vomiting.

31. Cholera:

  • Coconut water supplies all nutritive elements in the body and saves life. Coconut water is useful in this disease.
  • Drink water of raw coconut fruit in little quantity. Its use quenches thirst.

32. Heart, Brain fibers and Digest system: Coconut water makes strong to heart.

33. Pimples and Acnes: Take coconut water twice a day regularly; it removes face wrinkles and pimples.

34. Peptic Ulcer: Taking 100 to 500 ml water of raw coconut fruit twice a day provides relief in peptic ulcer.

35. Tuberculosis: Eat 25 grams raw coconut or take ground coconut. Its use destroys bacillus of T.B. It provides strength to lungs.

36. Nails Shine: Rubbing coconut oil enhances nails shining and age.

37. Menstrual disorders:

  • Taking coconut cures all the urinary diseases.  Disordered menses comes at proper time by its use.
  • A person urinates freely by taking coconut.  It excites sexual power and thickens the sperm count. It also makes normal menstrual excretion.

38. Toothache:

  • Immerse a cotton piece in coconut oil and press under teeth. It provides relief quickly.
  • If one has been suffering from teeth sourness and feels sticky, mix coconut kernel, almond, yellow wax and asafetida together and press under teeth. It remedies mouth sourness and other diseases of teeth.

39. Whooping Cough:

  • Heat little three ml coconut oil and give to the child for drinking. It reduces the velocity of cough.
  • One should take 12-mg. ash of coconut’s hair with honey or water. Taking this medicine 2-3 times a day cures cough.
  • The child, who has been suffering from black cough, you should give coconut oil to the child to drink.

40. Cough: Grind dried coconut and make powder like wood powder. Immerse ¼ parts powder with one-cup water for two hours and filter then grind this powder and make sauce. Dissolve this sauce with water and drink. Using this experiment thrice a day regularly provides relief in cough, T.B and lungs diseases. It makes body strong. Taking this medicine with coconut also provides relief.

41. Blackening Hair: Heat 300 ml coconut oil with 3 grams thick ground black pepper. Filter it through cloth and fill in a bottle. Rubbing this oil in hair root before going to bed makes black hair.

42. Tongue and Mouth dryness: Grind coconut water with sandal and make syrup. Taking 20 ml syrup ends mouth dryness and quenches thirst.

43. Belching: Eating bitter kernel of coconut after meals prevents belching.

44. Gastric Ulcer: Taking water of raw coconut provides relief in mouth bleeding caused by gastric ulcer.

45. Tongue burning sensation and Swelling: Chew coconut kernel with sugar-candy, it cures cracked tongue caused by eating betel-leaf.

46. Hair Dandruff: Mix 100 ml coconut oil with 5 grams camphor and fill in bottle. Massage hair in morning and evening after bathing and before sleeping. It will destroy dandruff.

47. For the Birth of a baby boy: Give 25-30 grams raw coconut to pregnant woman regularly. A beautiful child will take birth by taking this medicine.

48. Overeating: Take mixture of coconut root with milk, it ends this disease.

49. Vomiting:

  • Taking coconut water prevents vomiting and quenches thirst.
  • Burn coconut hair and prepare ash. Mix 10 grams ash with 10 grams powder of big cardamom. Taking 1\4 grams, this mixture with honey prevents vomiting.

50. Meal during Pregnant: A Pregnant woman should take coconut with sugar-candy. It reduces delivery pain and makes baby healthy.

51. Hiccups:

  • Taking coconut water provides relief.
  • Taking 1\4 gram coconut’s kernel with 1\4 gram sugar-candy proves useful for children hiccups.
  • Dissolve ash of coconut hair in water until the ash sat down. This mixture is useful to prevent hiccups.
  • Taking water of raw coconut provides relief.

52. Impotence: The coconut enhances sexual desire and thickens the sperm count.

53. Ear Worms: Heat coconut juice with ripe fruit of Tastumba and filter. Dropping 2-3 drops in ear cures ear wound.

54. Loose-motions: Take water of raw coconut, it quenches thirst and provides relief in loose-motions.

55. Blood Piles:

  • Burn coconut hairy root and prepare ash. Mix sugar with this ash in equal quantity. After that, take 3 grams this preparation with water thrice a day, it cures blood piles.
  • Mix ground sugar with its hairy root’s ash and take a pinch with water.
  • Burn coconut hair (Nearby coconut eyes) and prepare ash. Take 2 grams ash and after that drink 300 to 400 ml whey or curd twice a day regularly for five days. Keep attention that avoidance from oil, chilly, bitterness and jaggery during the treatment become necessary.

56. Amenorrhoea: Menses comes freely on proper time by caking coconut regularly.

57. Kidney diseases: Take 40 ml decoction of coconut root thrice a day regularly, it provides relief in kidney stones.

58. Wax in the ear: Pour some drops of coconut, almond or mustard pure oil in ear at night. Clean the ear with cotton in morning. Pouring oil of only one mentioned above regularly cleans the ear wax.

59. Amoebic blood diarrhoea: Mix equal quantity of sesame and kernel of raw coconut and extract juice. Mix this juice with curd and ghee. Taking this preparation cures disease.

60. Fistula: Peel coconut and make a hole in it. Fill milk of banyan tree in this fruit and close its mouth with 2-fingers’ soil. Burn it on cow-dung until it burns well. Now remove its soil upper paste and extract juice. Take this juice with 5-6 grams triphala’s powder.

61. Weak bone: Mix four parts of coconut’s kernel with one part ground turmeric and make a poultice (Potli). Fomenting with this poultice provides relief.

62. Acidity:

  • Take water of raw coconut, it provides a lot of relief in the burning sensation of stomach and heart.
  • Take 6 grams ash of coconut’s kernel every morning; it ends acidity.
  • Coconut water is also good remedy for acidity.
  • Take 10-liter coconut water and thickens it like honey. Thereafter, mix nutmeg, black pepper, long pepper, mace and little bukani with this liquid and fill in a bottle of glass. After that, take 10-15 grams this preparation for 15 days, it relieves a person from acidity, stomachache and liver enlargement.

63. Excessive Thirst:

  • Keep burnt coconut hair into water. Mix well this water and filter and take, it quenches excessive thirst and reduces throat dryness.
  • Drinking coconut water is useful to quench thirst and reduce throat dryness.

64. Blood Leucorrhoea: Take 40 to 80 ml decoction prepared by boiling coconut root regularly. Its use cures blood leucorrhoea.

65. Urticaria: Mix some camphor with coconut oil or sesame oil and rub on the body. It heals all the types of urticaria.

66. Somnambulism: Taking one-cup milk of coconut tree twice a day regularly provides relief in somnambulism completely.

67. Stomach worms:

  • Boil coconut peels with water and take every morning, it destroys stomach worms and throws them out.
  • Grind coconut cover and make the fine powder and take, it destroys worms and provides relief in stomachache.
  • Take 6 ml coconut oil; it destroys stomach worms.
  • Taking water of raw coconut and eating kernel of coconut is useful to destroy stomach worms.
  • Coconut water and raw coconut is useful to destroy stomach worms.

68. Gas Disorders:

  • Grind 20 gram marking nut with one coconut and heat. When oil comes up then put down and filter. Fill this oil in a bottle. Rubbing or eating to this remaining paste ends gas disorders.
  • Mix 70 ml juice of raw coconut, 3 grams ground Triphala and 2 grams black pepper powder altogether and take twice a day, it ends all the types of gas disorders.

69. Lack of milk in the breast: Cook coral tree leaves with coconut water and prepare a decoction. After that, take it twice a day regularly, it increases and purifies breast milk.

70. Migraine: Pouring 2-3 drops of coconut water in the nose cures migraine.

71. Loosen of Vagina: Mix coconut oil with camphor and rub on vagina. It loosens the vagina.

72. Inflammation and Itching of the vagina: Mix 3 grams camphor with 50 ml coconut oil and make paste. Apply it on the vagina.  Its use ends vagina itching.

73. Eczema: Mix properly coconut oil and camphor and apply on the affected portion.

74. Allergy: Rubbing coconut or sesame oil provides relief.

75. Face darkness: Rubbing with coconut water on face ends all type acnes, pimples, chicken pox marks and other old marks. If one does not get coconut water, grind sugar-cake and mix with milk. Apply it on the face and wash face after one hour.

76. Itching and Scabies:

  • Mix coconut oil with lemon juice and rub or suck lemon. Its use ends itching.
  • Mix 10 grams ground sulphur with 100 ml coconut oil and prepare paste. Applying it on the affected part provides relief.
  • Mix lemon juice in 50 ml coconut oil and massage the affected part. Its use provides relief.
  • Mix 20 ml coconut oil with 10 ml lemon juice and apply on affected part. Its use ends itching.
  • Heat little 100 ml coconut oil and mix with 10 grams camphor. Its application provides relief soon. The camphor has the quality to numb the skin.
  • Mix 10 grams camphor with 50 ml coconut oil and apply on the affected part. Its use ends itching.

77. Chicken pox:

  • Taking 240-480 ml water of raw coconut twice a day provides relief in chicken pox. All poxes appear soon easily by its use.
  • Mix camphor in coconut oil and apply on the face. Its use removes chicken poxes’ mark.

78. Nail problems: Grind upper peel of coconut and apply 2-3 times a day. Its use provides relief in nails’ diseases.

79. Ringworm: Mix 100 ml coconut oil with 20-gram camphor and apply on affected part.

80. Boils and pimples: Mix 100 ml coconut oil, 10 grams wax of butterflies and 2 spoons juice of basil leaves altogether. Cook it on the fire. Applying this paste ends boils and pimples.

81. Body numbness: Mix 10 ml coconut oil with half spoon jayphal oil. Rub this oil on numbness-affected portion.

82. Prickly heat: Rub coconut oil mixing with camphor on whole body after taking bath in morning and evening. It destroys body prickly heat.

83. Body burning sensation: Taking coconut water repeatedly provides relief.

84. Heart problems: If any person suffers from fits due to weakness, he should drink 1-cup coconut milk twice a day. Eating raw coconut is also good remedy for this disease.

85. Cracked lips: Grind 5 grams wax with 25 grams very hot coconut oil. After that, apply this mixture on lips thrice a day, it provides relief.

86. White Flecks: Mix 10 ml oil with one gram sal-ammoniac and prepare paste. Apply it on the affected part at the time of sleeping.

87. Burning Sensation:

  • Mix coconut oil with limewater and apply on affected part.
  • Rubbing with coconut pure oil on burnt part provides relief from burning sensation. If any patient cannot get any medicine for treatment, he should apply coconut oil on burnt part. It decreases burning sensation quickly.
  • If any person burns from fire and his cloths are stuck with his body, apply coconut oil immersed a cotton piece on the body. This oil also should rub on the affected portions. Besides coconut oil, olive or sesame oil can also be used.

88. Children diseases: Grind gram Zaharmora, part kernel of poisonous coconut and part strychonas potatorum each 1\4 altogether. Take this mixture with rose water. Its use cures diarrhoea, rickets and children vomiting.

89. Cosmetics: Pure coconut oil is very useful for hair. This oil also fills wounds.

90. Physical beauty: Grind raw coconut on the kaddukas and keep in the water. Sieve this water after one hour. This is the milk of coconut. After that, apply this milk, it enhances face beauty.

Coconut (nariyal) Side Effects :    

Coconut’s dried fruit is hot natured, dry and produces bile (Pitta). Its excessive use becomes the cause of cough, inflammation and asthma. If one suffers from its bad effects because of its excessive use, he should drink milk and eat sugar.

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Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting any new herbal treatment.

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