Yavasa (Alhagi): Uses, Benefits, Dosage and Side Effects

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A rugged and resilient shrub blooming with healing secrets – that’s Yavasa, a plant that has thrived for centuries across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. With its deep roots and thorny stems, this drought-defying dynamo called Alhagi mauroum belongs to the pea family and goes by many names – Camelthorn, Persian manna, even Hebrew manna. But its Sanskrit moniker Yavaska hints at its ancient role in India’s Ayurvedic medicine traditions. 

Loaded with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial compounds, Yavasa boasts potent cleansing and diuretic properties. This natural wonder has been used to create cosmetics, sweeteners, and all manner of tonics. So next time you spot a stubborn shrub flourishing in the desert, it just might be Yavasa – a veritable treasure trove of herbal remedies hiding behind its prickly facade. This amazing plant’s journey spans centuries, continents and cultures. 

Yavasa (Alhagi) Name in Different Languages:

Here are some of the names of Yavasa in different languages:

LanguageNames for Yavasa
SanskritYavasa, Yavāsa, Yāvasa, Yavasha
EnglishCamelthorn, Caspian manna, Persian manna, Hebrew manna, Moor’s alhagi
TeluguChinnadoolagondi, dhanvaya sam
TamilPunaikanjuri, kanchori
MalayalamKappa tumpa
KannadaBalli thuruke
ArabicHaj, Algoul

Yavasa (Alhagi) Plant Structure:

It is like khorasan thorn, which also grows near of the water. Its thorns are big than the khorasan thorns and leaves are big too. Mostly, alhagi qualities and khorasan thorn qualities are equal.

Yavasa (Alhagi) Dosage:

Alhagi should be used in 2 grams quantity.

Yavasa (Alhagi) Medicinal Properties:

Yavasa (Alhagi) increases the body strength and appetite. It is useful for the treatment of bile disorders, blood diseases, leprosy, small pimples, obesity (fatness), illusion, intoxicant, gastric caused by blood disorder, cough, fever, gonorrhoea, chronic headache and other diseases too. It brings phlegm out and helps urination clearly. Its oil is useful to cure rheumatism.

  • Nature: It is cool in nature.
  • Colour: Yavasa (Alhagi) is green.
  • Taste: It is spicy and pungent.

Yavasa (Alhagi) Uses and Benefits:

1. Fever caused gas and phlegm disorder: Make a decoction by boiling equal quantity of yavasa (alhagi), pierorhiza, dry ginger, long zedoary, aloe, Malabar nut and castor root with water and then take. It ends breathing problems (asthma), cough, pain and fever caused by vatta.

2. Asthama: Smoking of alhagi is useful to cure asthma.

3. Abortion: Make fine powder by grinding equal quantity of liqourica, lotus, yavasa (alhagi), smilax officinalis, Indian ground sel and mild Himalaya cherry together. Mix this mixture with cow milk and take; it ends fear of abortion.

4. Hiccup: Make the powder by grinding equal quantity of yavasa (alhagi), dry ginger, black peppers, long peppers, nutmeg, orrisa root and galls together. After that, take this powder with honey, it provides relief in hiccup.

5. Bile fever: Make a decoction by boiling alhagi, Malabar nut, pierorhiza, common fumitory, callicarpa macrophylea vahi and chiretta with water. Mix sugar candy or loaf sugar in this decoction and give it to patient, it cures fever caused by bile.

6. Illusion: Taking 58 ml yavasa (alhagi) decoction with 29 grams ghee is useful to cure illusion. It also can be taken alhagi decoction with 240 milligrams silver powder provides relief in illusion.

7. Memory weakness: Grind thick 25 grams dried root (dry root in shadow) of yavasa (alhagi) and boil it with 250 ml water until it remains 1/4 parts then filter it. Mix half spoon ghee in this decoction and give it to twice a day for one week regularly, it increases memory power.

8. Rheumatism: Rub yavasa (alhagi) oil on the affected part, it provides relief from pain caused by rheumatism.

Yavasa (Alhagi) Side Effects:  

Taking over quantity of yavasa (alhagi) may be harmful for the cool natured person.

Removing bad effect: Tragacanth gum and gulnilofar remove the bad effects of alhagi.

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Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting any new herbal treatment.

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