Palash (Bastard teak): 23 Amazing Uses, Benefits and Side Effects

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Palash (Bastard teak) tree is found on every place in India. It is used for the treatment of the disease as medicine from ancient time. Its tree is 150-450 centimeters high and leaves are 6 inches long. Its bark is half inch fat and ragged. If someone cuts its bark in the summer season, a type of juice comes out from it, which becomes an element like red gum after congealing. Its flowers are golden-red and orange.

Palash (bastard teak) Tree Name in Different Languages:

  • Hindi        :    Dhak, Tesu
  • Sanskrit       :    Palash, Kinshuk, Bramhapadak, Yagikya, Brahamvruchh
  • Gujarat     :    Khakharo
  • Marathi     :    Plash
  • Bengali        :    Plash
  • Telugu       :    Modgu
  • Marvadi       :    Chhibro
  • Dravid     :    Pelash

Palash (bastard teak) Chemical structure:  

Palash (Bastard teak) bark and gum contain Gaelic acid, Cynotenica acid, Pichhil chemical and Alkali. Its seeds contain Palosonin and stable oil.

Palash (bastard teak) Medicinal Properties:

  • By taking flowers of Palash (bastard teak) the body strength increases. 
  • It quenches over thirst.
  • Taking it increases blood quantity in the body and helps in urination clearly. 
  • It cures leprosy, seasoning fever, burning sensation, cough, sperm disorders, sprue, eye diseases, night blindness, spermatorrhoea, piles and jaundice and eliminates gas too.
  •  It reduces bile disorders and brings phlegm out.
  •  It kills stomach worms and reduces blood circulation. 
  • Taking gum of Palash (bastard teak) is useful to cure acidity.
  •  It increases digestive power. 
  • Apply leaves of Palash (bastard teak) on the affected part; it reduces swelling.
  •  It increases appetite and makes the liver strong.
  •  It also brings phlegm out. 
  •  Palash (Bastard teak) root is used for the treatment of night blindness and eyes swelling and increase eyesight.

Palash (bastard teak) Uses and Benefits:

 1. Eye diseases: Drip one drop juice of Palash (bastard teak) root in the eyes; it cures eye diseases like corneal opacity, night blindness and cataract.

2. Epistaxis (Nose bleeding): Soak 5-7 flowers of Palash (bastard teak) in water at overnight. In the next morning, filter this water and mix some sugar candy in it and take it. It provides relief in epistaxis (nose bleeding).

3. Epilepsy: Drip 4-5 drops juice of Palash (bastard teak) root in the nose; It cures epilepsy.

4. Scrofula: Applying ground root of Palash (bastard teak) under the ears is useful to cure scrofula.

5. Indigestion: Put 4-5 drops juice of fresh root of Palash (bastard teak) in betel leaf and take, it increases appetite.

6. Flatulence: Make a decoction by boiling bastard teak’s bark and dry ginger with water. After that, take 40 milliliters this decoction twice a day, it ends flatulence and stomachache.

7. Stomach worms: Make the fine powder by grinding some quantity of bastard teak’s seeds, caraway, tragacanth gum, barbering, turpeth root and kirmani together then store it. After that, take 3 grams this mixture with jaggery, it kills stomach worms. Taking 1 spoon powder of bastard teak’s seeds twice a day is useful to kill stomach worms and bring out them.

8. Spermatorrhoea:

  • Dry new coppale of Palash (bastard teak) in the shadow and grind it. Filter this powder and mix jaggery in it. After that, take about 10 grams this mixture twice a day, it cures spermatorrhoea.
  • Soak wheat seeds in juice of bastard teak’s root for 3 days. Grind these seeds with this juice and prepare pudding from it. Taking this pudding is useful to cure spermatorrhoea, early ejaculation and increase sexual power.

9. Blood piles: Taking 15 grams ash of bastard teak’s panchang (Stem, root, leaves, fruit and flower) with light warm ghee is useful to get relief in blood piles. Taking it for some days regularly dries moles of piles.

10. Piles: Fry fresh leaves of Palash (bastard teak) with ghee and take it with curd’ cream, it provides relief in piles.

11. Diarrhoea (Loose motions):  

  • Mix some cinnamon and opium (equal of rice seed) with 650 milligrams to 2 grams gum of Palash (bastard teak) and take, it prevents loose motions.
  • Mix 1 spoon decoction of Palash (bastard teak) seeds with one spoon goat milk and take it thrice a day after meals, it provides relief in diarrhoea.

12. Anuria-dysuria:

  • Soak 20 grams flower of Palash (bastard teak) in 200 milliliters cool water at overnight. In the next morning, mix some sugar candy in this water and take, it cures hematuria and ends kidney pain.
  • Boil flowers of Palash (bastard teak) with water and filter it. Tying this hot preparation on the abdomen cures retention of urine, kidney pain and swelling too.
  • Make the powder by grinding dried coppale, gum, bark and flowers of Palash (bastard teak) together thereafter mix some sugar candy in it. Anuria-dysuria is cured by taking 10 grams this mixture with milk in the evening regularly.

13. Swelling: Tying poultice of bastard teak’s flowers on the affected part reduces swelling.

14. Rheumatism (Joint pain): Grind fine seeds of Palash (bastard teak) and mix honey in it. After that, apply it on the affected part, it provides relief in rheumatism (joint pain).

15. Tumour:

  • Tying poultice of bastard teak’s leaves on the affected part is useful to get relief in tumour.
  • Take 3-5 grams bark of bastard teak’s root with milk; it provides relief in tumour.
  • Bile swelling: Mix gum of Palash (bastard teak) with water and apply it regularly, it ends swelling of bile.

16. Testicels swelling:

  • Tying poultice of bastard teak’s flowers on the abdomen is useful to end disorders of urinary bladder and testicels swelling.
  • Taking 4 grams ground bark of Palash (bastard teak) with water twice a day is useful to reduce testicles enlargement.

17. Wound: Spraying powder of bastard teak’s gum on the affected part cures wound.

18. Bite: Grind seeds of Palash (bastard teak) with milk and apply it on the affected part, it provides relief from pain.

19. Ringworm: Grind seeds of Palash (bastard teak) with lemon juice and apply it on affected part, it cures ringworm and ends itching.

20. Geuniaworms: Make the fine powder by grinding some quantity of poison nut seeds, Palash (bastard teak) seeds, camphor juice, camphor and gum guggul together. Boil above mixture with water and coat it on the leaf of pipal tree. Tying this leaf on the ulcer of geuniaworms for 3 days ends worm of geuniaworms and cures geuniaworms early.

21. For Heat-Related Issues:

  • An extract made from Palash flowers can provide relief from heat exhaustion when consumed.
  • To make:
    • Prepare a decoction using Palash flowers
    • Add a small amount of sugar to the decoction
    • Drink this Palash flower decoction mixed with water and sugar
  • Consuming this drink can help alleviate symptoms associated with heat exposure like dehydration, dizziness, headaches etc.
  • The compounds in Palash flowers are believed to possess cooling properties which can relieve internal body heat.

22. Cholera: Make a paste by grinding 10 grams fruit of Palash (bastard teak) and 10 grams nitre with water. After that, apply this paste on the abdomen time and again. It cures cholera.

23. Sexual power:

  • Taking 5-6 drops juice of bastard teak’s root twice a day regularly is useful to end early ejaculation and increase sexual power.
  • Rub oil of Palash (bastard teak) on the penis except of front part, it ends impotency within some days and increases sexual power too.

Palash (bastard teak) Side Effects:

Potential risks and considerations when taking palash:

  • Allergic reactions – palash may cause allergies in some people
  • Medication interactions – palash may interact with other medications
  • Dosing – the appropriate dose of palash is unknown
  • Side effects – potential side effects of taking palash are unknown


  • Use caution when taking palash, especially if you have allergies or take other medications
  • Consult a healthcare professional before taking palash to discuss appropriateness for you

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Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting any new herbal treatment.

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